How to Live Your Best Life Through Intentional Exhilaration

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How to Live Your Best Life

How do you live your Best Life? — One of my favorite cities, Charleston, S.C. has a strip of houses called rainbow row. Every very color you can imagine is drenching the homes. I’ve also witnessed the Dubin doors in Ireland with bright colored doors dressing up houses all over the city. I feel lucky to have been to many vibrant and colorful magical places, but this pink house in Paris got me thinking.

How much color do we add to our lives on a regular basis?

By color, I mean surprise, excitement, and exhilaration? We need more pure unadulterated fun in our lives. Not just for vacations, but regularly, to spice up our work week, family life, and even our marriage.

Though we feel blessed and super happy, it’s easy to get into a routine that consists of getting up, working out, going to work, then coming home, making dinner, getting kids in bed and maybe if we’re lucky, to catch some Netflix or a book before bed.

Same Ol’, Same Ol’

It’s too easy to get stuck in a routine that doesn’t excite you anymore. If you don’t make adventure a priority in your life, you will get burned out – with boredom as the main cause.

[ctt_hbox link=”F5fm7″ via=”no” ] When your life is full of change it keeps the mind stimulated. Even something so small as walking in a new park, tasting new foods or exploring new parks can be the difference in feeling #joyful. We MUST have #excitement in our lives to stimulate our minds [/ctt_hbox]

Intentional Exhilaration

Every week I intentionally look for something new to experience, see, taste or go to. Me, being a workaholic sometimes (ok a lot of the time), means I need to add more life in order to live my best life. Most of us need more health and fitness too. Maybe it’s romance or family time? Maybe it’s personal time doing something creative? The key is to find out what part of your life needs some attention.

Next, we have to come up with a name that is motivating for us to actually focus on this area in our lives.

It’s no different than working out. Does “I need to lose weight” excite you or “I am in the best shape of my life” or as Tony Robbins says, “I am a world-class athlete” help you get to the gym more easily?

Words have meaning, which determines how we feel and act.

The words we use and how we say them can stimulate action (or not.) Becoming a strong yogi that loves to dance gets me excited to take a class rather than feeling that “I HAVE TO go to the gym because I NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT.” Nope. Not happening. I’d rather watch Netflix.

“I am an athletic yogi and strong dancer” is the belief I have adopted to get me to the gym when I don’t want to go. The name must be motivating and exciting to make us want to do more of it. Make sense? OK so are you ready for the name I gave myself? Drum roll please:


live life

No joke, I smile REAL BIG every time I say it! By naming this part of my personality something I love, I’ve given myself space to always finds something exhilarating and adventurous to add to the family dynamic and literally orchestrate a whole lot of awesome things. This doesn’t mean everything has to cost money, we’re just making room for this missing piece of the pie so we can be better and more effective at our work.

When you’re living your best life, it is balanced, not just work.

[ctt_hbox link=”3H5fn” via=”no” ]HAVE MORE FUN, MORE VARIETY, MORE ADVENTURE! When we have these things we are refreshed and ready to give “our all” to our work with no burnout. We are multidimensional beings who need a variety in our lives. [/ctt_hbox] Even while writing this, I stopped, walked outside for a few minutes and took a break to do something else. Then I came back with a fresh outlook.

What do you need to make space in order to live your best life? What name can you give this part of your personality to make it fun to do? Hit me up in the comments and share your new awesome name for missing pieces of your personality pie. I would love to hear them!!

No more working round the clock without a little fun to balance it out, K?

Here’s to living your best life,

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  • Kim Sorrell

    Such a great read!!! Life tends to become so mundanE and before i realize it another year has passed aNd nothing has changed other than my children being one year closer to growing up on me. My new title is “The intentional moment Seizer!”

    July 16, 2019 at 9:35 AM