Your Personality Can Create Your Reality

Your Personality Can Create Your Reality

Your personality can create your reality. Let me explain why.

Do you have the same routine today, that you have every day? Do you get up around the same time, on the same side of the bed? Scuffle to the bathroom, brush your teeth, take a shower and make your coffee?

Maybe it’s a little different than that, but you probably have a routine that you’ve gotten stuck into, not only doing the same thing, but also with the same thoughts and therefore, the same emotions.

“I don’t want to get up this early,” as my husband says. “I hate going to school,” as my kids are always complaining. It’s the same thoughts and a lot of times, they’re negative thoughts. Remember the movie Groundhog Day?

You’re already predicting our future and how bad it’s going to be.

[ctt_hbox link=”79170″ ]If you keep having the same thoughts, isn’t that going to create the same behaviors, actions, experiences, and emotions? [/ctt_hbox]

Isn’t that how you create your reality? You cannot change the things that are going on in your head, by changing the things that are outside of you. Change actually starts with your thoughts.

If you know anything about physics or quantum theory, science says that we have to go there in the mind first in order to convince the body to follow. Your thoughts go into the quantum field before it happens in your reality. If you haven’t watched the movie, “What The Bleep Do We Know?” you should, it’s a great explanation into the physics and how to create your reality scientifically.

[ctt_hbox link=”9jS17″ ]You have to change your personality in order to create a new reality.[/ctt_hbox]

We memorize our emotions out of habit because we like routine. You can’t have the same emotions every day and create a different reality. If you want to change the way you feel, you’ll have to change your emotions but that starts with changing your thoughts.

“I don’t want to get up early. This day is going to be just like yesterday.” Sound familiar?

We can have our whole entire day already planned out based on what we’re thinking. Suck, suck, suck, more suck. “I don’t like it. I’m sleepy. I hate going to work. I’m tired of having to pack lunches and help with homework.” (If you’re an exhausted working mom, you know what I mean.)

We can be addicted to those emotions that our routines and habits creates. We’re even looking for emotions like anger, complaining or frustration. We thrive off of our emotional addictions in order to feel a certain way that we are used to. If we try to change that emotion the brain doesn’t like it and says, “Wait, hold up! I don’t like the way that you’re making me feel.” It’s something different which means it’s not safe.

Your brain is all about you living a long time. The brain likes safe. We have to override the negative programming by actually directing our thoughts.

[ctt_hbox link=”4HcSy” ]If you can direct your thoughts, it will change your behaviors, which will change your emotions, and that will change your life.[/ctt_hbox]

I think a lot in the shower. You probably do too. While I’m in the shower thinking, I usually try to direct those thoughts a little bit but hey no one is perfect.

Today I was thinking to myself, “I’m working out 4 days a week now and getting stronger every single day. I’m in the best shape of my life.”

I’m talking to myself while showering but trying to be conscious of my thoughts. It can be all over the map, remembering negative things or events or I can direct my thoughts. I try to direct my thoughts as much as possible with affirmations like:

“Miracles flow to me. An unexpected call, something in the mail, a new offer is going to come to me, somebody out of somewhere is gonna say: you are what we need. People are looking for what I have.”

[ctt_hbox link=”8wFG5″ ]I’m not hoping or wishing. I’m in a vibration of expectation. That’s what you have to do to create your reality.[/ctt_hbox]

Move into the emotion of gratitude. that is the feeling that you have, when something has already manifested. True right?

Gratitude is something that you feel because you’ve already manifested whatever you wanted and are thankful because it happened.

What if you can be grateful BEFORE it happens?

If you can go ahead of your body into the quantum field and experience the feeling of gratitude for having what you want in the future, you are convincing your body that it’s already happened. This is how you can manifest whatever you want faster. #mindblown

[ctt_hbox link=”7gCZI” ]Change your reality by changing your personality to be one of gratitude.[/ctt_hbox]

Gratitude is the vibration of what “already happened.” So you are talking about it in the present tense because it has already manifested?

Create your reality by knowing that what you want is already part of who you are. You are convincing your brain and THAT is how your body will experience it.

Manifesting starts with your thoughts. What were you thinking this morning in the shower?

Was it the same thing you thought yesterday? We have 60,000 to 70,000 thoughts a day and 90% of them are the same thing that you thought yesterday. Are you addicted to those same emotions you’ve been experiencing?

[ctt_hbox link=”6w48G” ]If you want to create your reality, you have to think outside the box. [/ctt_hbox]

You have to be conscious of the thoughts that you are thinking and that means in order to create your reality, you must first change your personality.

Now I want to know what you do to create your reality in the comments.

What tips or techniques do you use to overcome negative thoughts, emotions or behaviors?

Have you done something new that has worked for you?

We love hearing your wisdom and look forward to interacting with you so please share your thoughts in the comments.

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All my love and a whole lotta light,


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