The Perfectionism Trap of “Being good enough”

good enough

The Fear of Not Being Good Enough

If you ever feel less-than, you’re not alone. I do too.  

If you are ever feeling too fat, too skinny, too wrong or too right, join the club, I do all the time.

If you are ever scared, unsure or feel unworthy, you’re not the only one, I feel this way too (like daily.)

If you don’t believe in yourself, love yourself as you are, or trust that you are always doing the right thing, I feel you. It happens to me all the time.

None of us is perfect, though most of us think we already should have reached the unattainable level of perfection because that’s what we see on social media.

I don’t know about you, but confidence and self-love is the level of perfection that I am reaching for every day.

I don’t want to be someone I see on Instagram or Facebook, or the model I see on magazine covers, nor the actress on my favorite show, I want to be me.

I just want to reassure you that we all feel the same way – some form of not good enough. It’s a primary thought of the human species that causes us to always try to be better.

Any time these thoughts come up and you feel the feelings of unworthiness, remind yourself how special you actually are.

For example: Start recalling, remembering and pointing out all the times you accomplished something, no matter how small. Maybe it’s a job or family experiences you were able to pull through. Anything you have overcome is cause for celebration. I will literally talk to myself like this:

“Remember the time when I was able to _____. I would’ve never believed I could have done _____ but I did. Everyone told me it wouldn’t work but I showed them I can do anything I set my mind to. Even when I accomplished _________ I shocked myself, even to this day but look what I did. I’ve always come through stronger and better. There is nothing I cannot do. I’ve already proven that.”

Words are energy. Words have power. Words create feelings that create actions. Words are the beginning of change. 

When you turn your attention to what you’ve done right and who you have become through all your challenges rather than who you are not, you become empowered.

Whatever you give your energy to grows and expands. If you want to feel powerful, remember your power. If you want to feel respected, remember all the times you have felt respected. Remember who you are by celebrating what you’ve done. If you cannot remember, then create a future where you feel good enough and are respected and imagine it daily. That’s how it will become your reality.

You are limitless, with the Universe in the palm of your hand. Next time they say, “You can’t,” just reply “WATCH ME!”

I bow to you almighty, powerful, and infinite hero of mine,

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