4 Steps to Become the Best in the World at Anything

best in the world

Why would you want to be the best in the world at anything?

Well, why be number 2 when you can be number 1? You know your genetics already decided you are the best!! You are the one who was born out of all those sperm. More on that in a minute.

I recently learned about Bo Eason’s story of becoming the best in the world at not only football but also the best stage actor in the world for 17 years on Broadway and now a NY times bestseller. 

“At nine years old, Bo Eason set a goal: to become the best free safety in the NFL. A scrawny kid, in a small town with no youth sports tradition, he was at first rejected by both his high school and college teams. But he went all-in on his dream, was drafted by the Houston Oilers in 1984, and became an All-Pro.”

How did he become the best in the world when he was literally the worst and by all accounts should’ve given up? He never gave up hope, even after 15 years, he never stopped training or believing it was possible.

In order to be the best in the world at anything, you must be prepared. I have followed these 4 steps below to achieve anything I’ve wanted in my life, from winning awards to making money to finding love. 

1. Decide and Declare

Most people don’t even make a decision or worse never declare anything. Rarely does anyone say “I want to be THE BEST.” 

What if you decide you will be the BEST in the world, not just hope or wish, but actually write it down and make the decision or as Bo says, the declaration? More than that, what if it came true?

Try it right now by writing this down:

“I want to be the best in the world at _______________ or the greatest in the world at ___________ or win a gold medal at __________.” 

Wait. What if you choose the wrong thing? The best part about that is you will receive clarity. The more you know what you don’t want, the easier it is to know what you do want. I like to call this contrast. Contrast is a good thing, even when you fail at something, you know more clearly what to choose next. 

[ctt_hbox link=”MOp4m” via=”no” ]Live your goals into existence, become them and if, after time, you get more specific or change your mind, that’s perfectly fine! You can create new goals. [/ctt_hbox]

I’ve talked a lot about the clarity needed to achieve goals. I even created a course on goals because I believe so strongly in the power of this process in my own life. I believe this is one of the single most important steps in starting your journey of creating a life you love. It’s not enough to want, there is magic in your intention that sets everything in motion when you write down your goals regularly. It’s like Life knows you are serious when you put a pen to paper. 

2. Take Immediate and Deliberate Action 

If you aren’t sure where to start, the best thing you can do is start learning. Take classes, read books, and find a mentor. I don’t mean just anyone, find the best in the world at what you want to do. If someone is second best, they may not want to help you (well maybe not) because you are competition but if someone is the best in the world, there is no competition. They are already the best. It’s not that people aren’t willing to help, it’s that most people don’t even ask. 

After Bo’s career in football ended with an injury, he decided he would be a stage actor and would be the best in the world at his craft. So he started taking classes with people half his age. He studied and poured everything into his new career. He asked who was the best in the world and everyone said “Al Pacino.” That is when he decided he would find him and learn from him.

The best part of the story is he did. He spent 3 hours playing pool with Al Pacino and learned all his secrets. When questioned, Al said no one had ever asked him for help. Bo was the first with enough guts to ask Al Pacino to mentor him. When the one man show he wrote and starred in, opened on Broadway, Al Pacino was the first person Bo saw in the audience cheering him on. Bo’s show ran on Broadway for 17 years!

3. Create a Plan 

Without a roadmap, you will never get to your destination. Imagine wanting to get to CA from NC but without a GPS or a map. How easy would it be to get there? What about starting a business without a plan and steps to reach your goals?

Anything can be accomplished if you take the time to draw out the plans you intend to execute. That doesn’t mean you have to have it all figured out but you have to start somewhere. With a plan plus clear intentions, you can start and edit as you go.

A plan of action will help you figure out how you will make your goals happen, make note of roadblocks you may run into as well as mental impediments that get in the way of your motivation to keep going. Address all of it now so when you experience it, you will recognize that this is part of the process.

4. Vision Board

Your environment is as much a part of your manifestations as what you write down so I also create the visions I want in my environment. If you want to win an Oscar, buy some fake ones and look at them every day in your house. When you decide you want to be in love, hang pictures of couples staring in each other’s eyes in your house.

If you have goals you want to achieve, draw pictures of them, cut them out of magazines or from the Internet. The idea is that you can see what you want in reality, not just in your mind. This step is critical and should be something you envision every day. Think of your surroundings as one fat dream board. Everywhere you look, you should see a reminder of the goals you are achieving. 

Isn’t it egotistical to want to be the best in the world?

You being the best helps other people because you will have to bring people with you. Once Roger Banister broke the 4-minute mile, everyone started following suit, in fact, 30 people did it, when before it was believed it was not possible. You cannot create success without taking a ton of people with you. Whether it’s your teammates, your staff, your friends and family or all of those people who are watching you and learning what is possible by the path you are creating.

It is your nature to be the best in order to survive 

Look let’s not forget you are the only one that made it when Mother Nature decided someone was going to be born. With all those choices, you were the ONLY one to survive. 

Plus, our ancestors have always competed for food, for shelter, and for mates. But in this case, we are competing against our own belief that we can be the best at anything. [ctt_hbox link=”erbuY” via=”yes” ]It’s not food and shelter we compete for as much these days, as it is with who wins the internal conversation. #mindset #inspiration #motivation @lauralaire[/ctt_hbox]

If you don’t ask Life to be the best, it’s a no anyway. What if your declaration, intention, and dedication turned into reality? Well, how about let’s try it out?

You in?

Comment below and let me know.


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