Stepping into Flow with Gratitude


[ctt_hbox link=”f3pTE” via=”no” ]Gratitude is my secret weapon for stepping into “Flow” when life is busy and I feel overwhelmed.[/ctt_hbox]

You see, today is one of those days where I don’t feel gratitude. In fact, I could complain, let my anxiety consume me and take it out on everyone around me (and sometimes I do). No one is perfect, nor should they expect to be. Problems are always a constant in life, but it’s how you respond to them that determines how you feel.

When I’m feeling anxiety or overwhelmed, I stop and center myself with a breathing exercise to create stillness and peace. This is how I tap into my creative flow on a moments notice, when there are a million “to do’s” circling around me.

I stop whatever I am doing and close my eyes.

As I take in a deep breath, I appreciate the lungs that are cleansing the air I breathe. As I slowly breathe out, I am thankful for life giving oxygen and the presence of life around me.

Today the smell of cinnamon bread is lingering in the air from the toast I made for my children. I take in the smells as I put my hand on my heart and feel gratitude for cartoons in the background and the pattering of little feet. As I breathe deep into my heart, I think of what a blessing it is.

As I feel my heart beating, I am thankful for this amazing powerful heart that never ceases to beat, just for me, for my entire lifetime.

While I sleep, without thought or reminder, my heart beats all day, every day, giving me life. I feel enormous gratitude for the beauty of this heart I was gifted. I am grateful for the love showered on me, that I may not deserve. I am grateful for the grace to always be forgiven even if I do something wrong, yell at my kids or say something I don’t mean to my spouse.


Before I begin my day or any creative work, I center myself by connecting to my inner being.

I feel gratitude for my creator and the ability I have, to be the creator of my own life experience.
I think about what this heart has allowed me to feel, how it has shaped and molded me, how it has created magnificence within me. I remember all the joyous moments my heart has allowed me to experience. The greatest times in life are felt and remembered by my heart intelligence.

I remember a special time when I felt the most gratitude in my life.

I breathe like I’m there, I see what I saw, and I feel the same as I did when I was there for the very first time. I visualize everything I am thankful for in this moment – maybe in my childhood or maybe as an adult. I double the appreciation I have for this beautiful heart that beats 100,000 times a day for me. I let the vibration of positive emotion expand inside me as I multiply the feeling times 10, and again 100 times.

As I am overflowing with gratitude, I begin to send out this abundance of love to other people. Even the people I think may not deserve it, the ones who need it most. As I send love to my mind, I feel love. I am bathing every cell in my body with the vibration and energy of gratitude. This is a powerful way to heal your body, because you only need to give love, not receive it, in order to feel it.


[ctt_hbox link=”PbVzp” via=”no” ]The bridge between science and spirituality begins with the heart.[/ctt_hbox]

The heart is the regulator of our energetic state, having the strongest electromagnetic field in the body, one that extends all around us, allowing for energetic communication with all of life.

By taking time out of our day to love ourselves and appreciate everything around us, even for 5 to 10 minutes, we are able to raise our coherence levels and remain in a sustained positive emotional state. This allows for peak performance and the transmittance of love and coherence towards others. Your cells feel your thoughts and then process them chemically, while their mind is aware of how your body is processing these emotions.

[ctt_hbox link=”5d850″ via=”no” ]It is amazing how you can tune your body to the vibration of love and gratitude by tapping into your heart intelligence.[/ctt_hbox]

This is the easiest way to step into flow or turn on your creative juices when you have a project due or need to concentrate on the task at hand. Deep Release Writing is another method I like to use for breaking though blocks and releasing stress and anxiety. If you’ve never tried you can learn more here.

Have you ever tried this kind of exercise? How has it helped you? The Art of You Community loves to hear all your tips, experiences and wisdom, so don’t forget to leave a comment for the rest of us seekers. 

I am sending you all the peace I feel this morning as I start a hectic and busy day. 

With love and gratitude from my heart to yours,