3 Ways to Stop ✋ Negative Thinking

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3 Ways to Stop Negative Thinking

So many of us just let the Universe just have its way with us by thinking negative.

I know I am guilty. You??

Sometimes my thoughts are on repeat so bad that I literally have to pause and redirect them. Maybe it’s from watching a crazy movie or something even stranger like Stranger Things on Netflix. (That show is nuts! It’s gone from Sci-Fi to horror in one episode, I swear! I’m not a horror fan but I have to know what happens!!)

Whether it’s the news or you’re remembering a negative conversation, we all have something that ends up landing on the repeat button.

Don’t you love it when you start thinking negative thoughts at bedtime? 😫

When this happens to me, I really try to make a conscious effort to stop the madness, and actually decide what I want to think about, instead of hitting replay in my mind and going mad thinking about something that makes me miserable.

First, I like to change gears by spending a few minutes meditating or deep breathing.

I regularly meditate as I am trying to fall asleep. I go into a deeper sleep and end up sleeping on my back instead of my side. #benefit

I will also pick up a book to read or watch a funny animal video with my kids. Anything to hit the mental STOP button.

Next, I run through everything I can think of that I am grateful for.

“My heart is beating. There is air in my lungs. I am free to speak my mind and live where I want. I have a bed to sleep in and a roof over my head.” So many things we take for granted right?

[ctt_hbox link=”qu6cw” via=”no” ]Taking a moment to feel appreciation creates a massive shift in energy. [/ctt_hbox]

Finally, I run through a little movie of my top ten goals. If possible, write it down.

Even better, make a dream board so you can visually see your future self.

[ctt_hbox link=”T5lYk” via=”no” ]When we do this we are guiding ourselves into having the conversation we want with our unconscious. After all, thoughts become things. [/ctt_hbox]

We have a choice where we put our focus. If it’s always in the past then we will relieve the same experiences BUT if we insert ourselves into the future and project what future ______ might be like, we are more likely to actually experience that in the future.

When was the last time you launched yourself forward 5 years, in your mind?

For example, let’s say your goal is to own a million-dollar business, 5 years from now. How does a million-dollar business owner act? What do they do? What do they believe? What drives them? Where do they go? Who do they spend their time with? Where do they live and work? How do they feel?

Now insert yourself. What did you do to get there? How were you feeling at the time? What did you have to do?

Now real-time. It’s 5 years later. You’ve reached a million dollars a year. How are YOU feeling? What are YOU doing? What words are YOU saying? Where do YOU live? How do YOU spend your days? What does YOUR life look like?

What got you here, won’t get you there.

What were the steps over the past 5 years that led you to this success? What did you do, go back 3 months, what actions were you taking? If you can go in reverse you can actually SEE yourself doing what it takes to create the life or business of your dreams. AND you can see YOU doing those things.

Have you ever thought about what kinds of negative things you say to yourself or the negative visions you hold in your mind?

Isn’t that the most important conversation you can have? There is no such thing as coincidences, it is all designed with the energy of thought. If we take a moment every day to design our life with our very powerful mind, IMAGINE what you might experience. No seriously, imagine right now. I’ll wait.


OK, did you do it? Did you write it down? Did you dream it, see it, feel it? This is something you must do every day to get to “future _______.”

Are you ready to start right now? The Future Self Challenge is on. I just need to know if the challenge is accepted?? Comment below and let me know. Then use #futureselfchallenge and tag me @lauralaire on social media.

Let’s do this!

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