How to be Successful in Life – The Power of Belief and Attitude

Why are some people more successful than others?

Is it because they were born into a family that gave them more opportunities?

Is it because they had money? What is it? What makes some people more successful than others?

I certainly didn’t come from much. In fact, I always wondered why everybody else had it better: more money, a bigger house, and success in a life that just seemed to come easy. I grew up in poverty as a child but created a prosperous adult life.

How did I overcome a broke mindset to create wealth?

Just to give you an idea, there were four of us in a tiny little bedroom, with no door. Six people lived in a 900 square foot house with one bathroom that didn’t even have a normal toilet until I was in middle school. We had an outhouse when we moved in. A local church gave us food every week for a while and I even remember having a squirrel in the refrigerator that we were going to have for dinner one night that my dad had caught with a rabbit trap he made. 

It sounds crazy now, but you can see why growing up my mantra was always: “I’m going to make something of myself. I will never live like this again.”

I will learn how to be successful.

This was my dream. This was my goal. But to this day, I’m not carrying the story of how I grew up with nothing and how it’s not fair. I’m not going to let the story of suffering as a child be who I am now so that I can be a victim in my present.

You have to let go of your past, what happened to you or an old story if it doesn’t serve you anymore, in order to move past it and create a life you love.

The thing that makes people successful, if they don’t already come from success, grow up with success-minded parents, or are around people who are wealth-minded, is to create a success mindset. You have to become wealthy in your mind first. And I believe wealth is not just money. It’s everything. It’s love and relationships, it’s physical, mental, emotional. It’s success in all five aspects of your life. Success in all these different categories is what creates harmony in your life. That’s what true wealth really is.

What I think separates people from the ones who create success, from the ones who let those limiting stories determine where they’re going to be in their life – is belief.

[ctt_hbox link=”R9Fee” via=”no” ]A successful life comes down to the belief in what you can do. It’s belief in potential rather than focusing on your current reality.[/ctt_hbox]

For instance, is it possible for me to make a billion dollars? Is this something that I believe or is this something that I think that would never happen? Because I hear people all the time when I’m working out say, “Man, today’s workout is gonna suck” or “I’m not gonna be able to do this.”

By saying this, you are already predicting your future. You’re saying that “This is something that’s not going to be possible.”

Let me ask you a question. In fact, close your eyes for a second. I want you to visualize this.

What does eighty-years-old look like to you? Get a mental picture in your mind of what an eighty-year-old body looks like to you. Or do you even believe you’ll be alive?

Okay, open your eyes. 

What was the vision that you saw? Was it…

  • Somebody that is hunched over?
  • Somebody who’s in a wheelchair?
  • Somebody who is aging poorly and fragile?

(If you’re 80 and you’re reading this, I’m not talking about you.)

What kind of vision do you have in your mind of what 80 will be like? Because this vision is your unconscious belief of what you will look like when you are 80.

Look at this healthy bodybuilder Ernestine Shepard who is 80 years old. Was your vision similar?

how to create a successful life

Wouldn’t you rather have this kind of vision in your mind? If healthy and strong is your belief then that’s where you’re headed, even if you don’t even realize it, as long as that’s the vision you have in your mind you will set yourself up for a healthy and strong body. This is why you have to create your own vision to override unconscious programming. 

YOU have to decide what is possible.

[ctt_hbox link=”fb2T_” via=”no” ]How you talk to yourself will either limit you completely or push you to your fullest potential, helping you to create a successful life.[/ctt_hbox]

I even remember my mom saying to me, “I hope you never get this disease” or “I hope you never get fibromyalgia.” And I always would say, “I never will, because I’m going to be fit and healthy.” When I’m working out at the gym I say: “Healthy and strong” to myself while I’m working out.

Every time I pick up a heavier weight or we’re getting ready to do something that I don’t want to do, or I don’t like to do at the gym, I say:

I’m going to conquer this today. I’m healthy and strong. I’m in the best shape of my life.”

I’m talking to myself the way that a loving friend would talk to me. I want to be my own best friend and change my beliefs from: it’s NOT possible, to IT IS possible.

It is because of my beliefs in what is possible, that I completely transformed my life, from the time that I was a little girl up until now. I’m 43 years old and I am in the best shape of my life and I’m not done yet. I’ve also made millions of dollars and created a lot of success. I have overcome every physical ailment that I’ve had. I’ve overcome everything that I’ve grown up with to create a life that I truly love.

When you say you want success, remember that it’s not just about money.

Don’t you want to do what you love and have relationships that are just singing? Not only with your significant other but with family, friends, or even children? This complete and total fullness that you can have in life is really determined by your perspective, by your belief in what is actually possible, the potential of what is possible.

Think about it, are you saying to yourself most of the time “that would never happen” or “that’s not possible”?

Or are you saying, “I can do this.”

A million a year is my goal. Here lately I’ve been saying “another day, another $10,000.” Because why not?

[ctt_hbox link=”7yaFX” via=”no” ]You have to create a vision for your life, your body, your relationships, for what you expect and believe is possible.[/ctt_hbox]

Don’t talk yourself out of what is possible because anything is possible.

You can be the miracle.

You can be the one who did it in spite of everyone saying you can’t.

Ever hear someone say:

“You can’t be that short and play basketball.”

“You can’t be that’s tall and be a gymnast.”

“You can’t create success and become an entrepreneur because you never graduated college.”

I know people who have done all of the above. Don’t let anybody tell you can’t because you can do anything you want. Anything.

[ctt_hbox link=”64adf” via=”no” ]A success mindset is the key to a successful life. [/ctt_hbox]

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