How Mindful Eating Can Help You With Weight Loss


How mindful eating can help you lose weight

I was having a conversation with a colleague about weight loss and this conversation came up: “Is it what you eat, how much you eat, or exercise that is most effective for maintaining a happy weight?”

Here are my thoughts on the matter: I think it’s all of those things! But the one thing most people don’t talk about is how your psyche is involved. Which brings up mindfulness and in this case, mindful eating.

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Change begins when there is a choice to become mindful and wise about eating clean, how much you’re eating, what you’re drinking, what physical activity you’re doing, what kind of people you’re hanging out with, and most importantly your inner dialog. A large part of losing weight is about mindful eating.


If you can pay attention to your mental habits, you can pick up on a recurring theme.

-What is your mind’s regular emotional response?

-Do you tend to go to anger and irritability or do you get depressed or lean to self criticism?

-What do you keep telling yourself is the excuse, or who is to blame?

-How much quiet time and relaxation do you actually have?

-Is your mind full or are you mindful?

How you feel and what you are thinking while eating is as important as the food you put in your mouth

I love dark chocolate AND potatoes AND bread and even ice cream too. Let’s not forget coffee while we’re at it! Now none of these things are perfect for weight loss. While I think potatoes are a whole food and whole foods are always best, it is better to eat a sweet potato if you want to burn fat since it’s lower glycemic.

I could eat french fries every day of my life. This does not mean I do, but on occasion, sure. Here’s the key, if I’m eating french fries or ice cream or dark chocolate, I do not feel guilty. I do not worry if it’s going to stick to my thighs. I don’t make comments about how I shouldn’t be eating it.

Mindful eating is about balance. I don’t even have a cheat day because I don’t cheat on promises I make to myself. Instead I savor the bread and butter, I say “Good morning coffee” as I indulge in a homemade Nespresso with vanilla soy milk, and I lovingly whisper thank you to the dark chocolate before I pop a bite in my mouth. Most days, it’s vegetable omelettes with no cheese and loaded with vegetables. It’s salad and lean protein for lunch. It’s whole foods and especially vegetables at dinner.

Weight loss is natural when you love your body enough to be mindful about what you feed it. I always pay attention to how I feel about certain foods when I eat them. I know I will feel tired and un-energetic if I eat bad processed food, GMO wheat breads or pasta and poor quality meats, so most of the time I opt out. Eating healthy is about balance and being mindful about what you give your body and how you feel while eating it.

Neutralize your thoughts and pay attention to your breath.

It is easier to neutralize all of these thoughts and choose a wise, empowered and uplifting thought when you pay attention to your breath.

This is a technique I use with my children when they are upset. Ten deep breaths and then we’ll talk about what is happening. By the time they do this, they’ve forgotten why they were upset. Breathing deeply can help you change your relationship with yourself by removing negative self talk. This is just a shift in focus so that you can practice mindful eating.

If you can decide to choose a spacious, loving attitude towards yourself, it is easier to make the commitment to your goals.

I know this is not easy to do all the time but even if you feel like you need to take a break for a week, you can and then come back to what you know and stay on your path. Be kind and forgiving to yourself. Sustainable weight-loss and sustainable change comes from the general habits in our life shifting permanently. It will then become a lifestyle.

Lasting change is in the mind and how we perceive ourselves.

Right here, right now, look within with gratitude and appreciation. Taking the time to appreciate where you are will start to shift the trajectory of your life, your health and well-being.

Can you think of one small change in your day that will help you towards your goal of wellness or weight loss?

Creating and living in your ideal body is absolutely possible with mindful eating.

It can be challenging and require discipline, consistency and refocusing, but it is doable by expanding your vision of what’s possible. What’s important is feeling good, happy and confident in the body that you’re living in, not a certain number on the scale or a specific size. It’s about feeling healthy and vibrant. When you focus on that – you’ll let go of the number.

Happy Mind, Happy Body, Happy Life,



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