7 Keys to Create an Abundant Life


Here are 7 Keys to Create an Abundant Life

1. Know and affirm that abundance is your birthright.

There is more than enough to go around. Never fear that if someone else has the success you desire there isn’t enough left over for you to create an abundant life. For instance, there are a ton of coaches out there. Does this mean that you shouldn’t become a coach because there’s too much competition and no room for you?

Your growth isn’t dependent on how many people want the same thing as you because there is no such thing as “same thing.” We all want different things, people, homes and experiences. Plus, what you create is what YOU create. It has nothing to do with what someone else wants. You are creating for you and ONLY you.

Just as plants do not worry if there is enough sunshine to go around, you should never worry that there is not enough of anything for you in an abundant universe. It is your mind that convinces you there is not enough. Get in the habit of reminding yourself that “I am worthy, I am deserving of anything I desire. I now align myself with the abundance that flows to me in every area of my life.”


2. [ctt_hbox link=”4QT7L” via=”no” ]Visualize the feeling of abundance.[/ctt_hbox]

-How would you feel if you had money flowing into your life whether you worked or not?

-Can you imagine the abundance you would feel if you made money while you sleep? How would that change your life?

-What if you had more than enough to not only pay all your bills but to pay them off? How would you feel?

If you close your eyes and visualize your future self living this life, how does it change how you feel right now? Do you breathe differently? Do your shoulders relax down? Are you smiling?

If you are truly visualizing how you feel living an abundant life every day, and feel as if you are experiencing your vision right now, that is the sweet spot. Access that feeling every day knowing abundance flows to you freely, frequently and effortlessly just by spending a few minutes relishing in that future happiness by feeling it now.

3. [ctt_hbox link=”fe41z” via=”no” ]Become a vibrational match to what you want.[/ctt_hbox]

Are you constantly complaining about not having enough money to do what you want? Do you ever complain about traffic? Are you complaining about other people, your job, employees your significant other or your boss? Ever find yourself complaining that your body isn’t the way you want it to be? Notice when you are complaining about anything. If it is a habit for you, this could be keeping you from experiencing abundance.

The energy you emit is what you get back. For instance, you can’t feel broke and expect more money to show up. You can’t complain all the time about all the bills you have to pay and create wealth at the same time. You must have faith and trust that what you have asked for is on the way by feeling abundant now. This is tough for a lot of people because you really have to use your imagination to get into the feeling place of already having it. This also means being easy about life. Less complaining, more appreciating.

4. Allow what you want to flow to you.

I know it’s hard but you can’t ask: “Where is it? Where’s my money? I put in my order but no abundance. See I knew it wouldn’t work.” The universe likes speed but the speed is determined by your alignment with what you want.

If you are noticing it’s not there yet then you are truly focused on its absence, so of course, you get nothing because that’s what you are giving your attention to. This is called resistance. Like two magnets opposing each other, you are pushing away the very thing you want by noticing how it’s not here yet. This is why sometimes writing what you want on a piece of paper and releasing it to the universe is easier to allow than taking score every day.


5. Be less specific.

So you want to make a hundred thousand dollars by December 31? Well if you can’t even fathom that possibility then you are noticing impossibility. If you can’t believe it, then you aren’t a match to what you want.

Be more general if being specific is creating resistant thought. Instead of focusing on making a hundred thousand dollars by December 31st, affirm that you have more than enough by tapping into a vision you can buy into.

Do you believe it is possible to increase your income 10% by Dec or 20%? At one point I decided to double my income in a year. The first year I did not do this but by the end of the second year I had.

The key is to remember that when it’s not happening, you have to relax into it and say “okay next year.” I was not in alignment with what I wanted the first year. It took me two years to align my energy and believe it was possible and that I was deserving of an abundant life.

6. [ctt_hbox link=”1fMI0″ via=”no” ]Create actions that are in alignment with your intentions.[/ctt_hbox]

Sitting and watching TV while waiting for the universe to deliver a pot of gold is foolish. Your actions are what will get you into alignment of an abundant life. You must act as if, then it is much easier to become one with your desire for abundance.

If you want to make more money with your own business, start mapping out a plan. Study other people who own businesses. Ask questions. Take classes or online courses. Start a blog or website. The key is to START. With every action you take, there will be a result that moves to you to the next destination which is getting you closer to your vision.

7. Let your emotions be your guide.

You will know whether you are on the right path based on how you feel. If you feel exhilarated and excited about what you are doing, the joy you are experiencing is the equivalent of abundance beginning to flow to you. Money is always just behind the joy.

Have you ever noticed that the better it gets, the better it gets? When the floodgates open, it flows in all parts of your life: mind, body, spirit, love and money. Listen to your intuition when you get a gut feeling that you should click on an email and read it or start a new job or talk to a stranger about your ideas, you are being guided by the Universe to the information, people and things you will need to bring your vision to fruition.

What’s the secret to an abundant life?

I believe you have to develop a mindset that creates wealth, not only in your finances, but harmony, overflowing fulfillment, and joy in all areas of your life. I’m sure you know someone with money that isn’t happy or someone who is super spiritual but has a body that is breaking down? True wealth is not just love or money but it also encompasses the mind, body and spirit.

You can have all the money in the world but without:

  • A spiritual connection to something greater than yourself, you won’t be happy.
  • Love and meaningful relationships with other human beings you won’t be fulfilled.
  • A healthy body, you won’t be able to enjoy the wealth you create.

[ctt_hbox link=”2Wqra” via=”no” ]An abundant life is filled with harmony, balance and extraordinary happiness in all 5 categories, mind, body, spirit, love AND money.[/ctt_hbox]


[ctt_hbox link=”HO06a” via=”no” ]Your prosperity and success in creating an abundant life is going to benefit many other people along the way.[/ctt_hbox]

Don’t ever think that because you have created success that you will be alone at the top. When you have more money you can help more people. Whether you employ people as a business owner, create a product of value or even work for someone else using your unique gifts and talents, you are demonstrating an abundance mindset for other people who cross your path. It is a blessing to others for you to live an abundant life, as you are inspiring others that it can be done.

Wishing you all the abundance you desire,



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