I Had a Bad Case of Comparitis – Here’s What I Did


I had a bad case of  Comparitis – Here’s what I did.

Ever fall victim to comparitis? Don’t worry most of us do. Everyone has these kinds of bad days. I know I do.

There are times when I don’t sleep well and then the rest of the day feels doomed. Or I go to write or work on a creative project and feel totally uninspired and frustrated.

Or worse, I get on social media and feel unworthy, jealousy or envy. Then just like that, I’m heading down the infinite road of “I don’t feel good,” wishing it could be another day already.

Or I cut my hair thinking that will make me feel better.  This is always a bad idea.

​​​​​​​Don’t decide to cut your hair when your hormones are already out of control. I tell myself, “Maybe if I change my hair I will feel better.” OK probably not, but who am I to judge?

Don’t make any major life decisions either and definitely don’t call your ex.

Thanks to instagram we have plenty of ammo to put ourselves in a state of “comparitis” which can be hard to shake. We see the filtered, perfect photos of someone else’s life before we even have a chance to brush our teeth.
We all suffer sometimes and unfortunately, it is always a choice whether or not you stay there.
“Wha?? How can it be my choice to feel bad when it’s that time of the month and I literally want to kill someone?”

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Look, it’s always our choice to STAY in a state of suffering. 

[ctt template=”4″ link=”mu_U5″ via=”no” ]The best way to stop suffering? GIVE.[/ctt]

If we have a bad case of the “low low’s,” the best solution is to take our focus off ourselves and onto another. We CANNOT give and suffer simultaneously. It is impossible. Even if it is trivial in our eyes HOW we are giving.
When I have a full blown case of comparitis on social media, ​​​​​​​I’ll start commenting on other people’s photos about how beautiful they look or how much I love their photo or writing. I’ll comment on every post I can find to give love and support other women who may be having a bad day too. My comment may shift how she’s feeling about herself that day and it makes me feel amazing to lift her up.
We only suffer because we’re stuck inside our head. In order to feel relief we must think from the heart and outward.

Recently, I met a friend from Tibet who told me how his culture thinks with the heart not the head. He explained that while being a refugee in China he realized how other cultures were using their brain and not their heart to think. In Tibetan culture the heart is the mind. I do believe the heart has it’s own intelligence. It was created in the womb before the brain too! So fascinating and such an important reminder to get out of your head and into your heart.

We only need to give love, not receive it, in order to feel it.

What can you do today to give to someone else?
Volunteer? Mail a thank you note? Make dinner for a family in need? Write a love note and put it in your children or spouse’s lunch box or brief case? Help a friend?

Write an email to someone you value and tell them why they mean so much to you? Start researching charities that you can give 10% of your income to every month?

There are so many ways to give of ourselves. This allows us to be in alignment with love and not block loves presence by allowing suffering to perpetuate.
Look it’s totally okay to not be okay, but isn’t it nice to know that we can let go of a negative state like suffering and feel better instantly by giving?
Now I want to know what kind of ideas you have for changing your energy from suffering to giving or should I say from the head to the heart?

Tell me what you like to do in the comments below.

Giving is living,



  • Precious

    Hello Laura, your blogs are amazing. I give love to those arOund me when i have a bad day by Being an ear to listen to their hurt. I am a people person so i love to just love on other people. I spark up Conversations at the grocery store, lol that’s why my children don’t like to go with me when i grocery shop. I am a Lpn and about to graduate from the rn program in 5 weeks. Super excited!!!! Sorry i could go on and on. Like you said i have bad days and sometimes i deal with low self esteem but when i take care of my patients, kiddOs, hubby or anybody else that the lord sends my way, it is a wonderful feeling! Thank you for your time Laura, may the lord bless you😊

    April 9, 2019 at 4:29 PM
  • Jenn Kosh

    Great Article, Laura. This practice I’ve been doing for years after hearing Wayne Dyer talk about a similar practice years ago. Emails, a text, a phone call–all of these are ways i will take the focus off my self when I’ve given myself what I needed and It’s really clear to focus on others.

    April 9, 2019 at 6:04 PM