Why is mindset so important?


Why is mindset so important?

Mindset is a huge buzzword right now. I’m sure you hear people talk about mindset all the time, myself included, but today I want to talk about how critical our mindset is to create success in life and business.

Why do you think most CEO’s have coaches and even coaches like myself have coaches?

It’s not that we aren’t capable of making money, smart enough or work hard enough to be successful–it’s that everyone has blocks. We all have blocks to something. Worthiness is a mindset that gets in the way of ALLOWING money and success to flow into our lives. I’m certainly not excluded from this block and neither are most people.

We’ve seen plenty of amazing stories from rags to riches and mindset has everything to do with those stories.

I even have one of my own, from poverty to millionaire and I never even graduated from college. Not because I don’t think college is important but because I was earning six figures and too busy building my business to get to class. Besides, statistics and accounting were dreadful!

I believe in higher education, but only to make you well rounded, figure out what you want to do or make connections that will be crucial to your success. Most people will tell you that on the job training is what gave them knowledge. Our experience will trump education in most cases though both are important.

It wasn’t college or even just working hard that made me successful, it was my mindset that success was the ONLY way. I never gave up on my goals when everyone around me was skeptical. No matter how many times I’ve made new goals, I don’t give up and will work hard to get what I want, no matter how long it takes.

Time is going to pass anyway, why not pass it chasing after you life’s vision?

Impatience is the challenge for most people when it comes to a creating a mindset for success.

“It’s not happening fast enough” or on the schedule that they “think it should.”

Well folks, sometimes goals take much longer than anticipated and don’t always show up the way we planned. That doesn’t mean our goals are not on the way to us. If we knew how our goals were going to manifest, life would be SO BORING. The fun part is when they show up even better than we could’ve imagined!

Take a moment to think about the most common question we ask ourselves? Is it positive and life affirming or is it destructive and negative? Because what we tell ourselves every day, will either lift us up or tear us down. It’s not just today, it’s our habitual mindset that must be overcome. One mindset shift can be the difference between success and failure, between happiness and sorrow, between healthy and sick.

​​​​​​​We have to change our habits in order to change our behavior and that includes our habitual thinking.

I use affirmations every day to talk to myself the way I want to feel. For example, while working out I’m telling myself “how strong I am” and how “I’m getting stronger every day.” I also affirm what I want to happen, no matter where I am or what I’m doing.

I went to a fundraiser this week for my kids school. As they were announcing the winner of the raffle, gift baskets and silent auction, I would whisper “Laura Laire.” Wouldn’t you know it, I won 5 TIMES!!! A $300 basket, a $695 necklace, a week of summer camp plus 2 music lessons as well as a painting from my son’s classroom. My donation total was $270, (for a great cause) but I won a lot more than I donated. Coincidence?? I think not! Thoughts create things!!

Another way I stay focused on a success mindset is by listening to podcasts, watching videos and reading books by brilliant teachers who keep my mindset where it needs to be. I love Tony Robbins, Marie Forleo, Jay Shetty, Gabrielle Bernstein, Eckhart Tolle, Danielle LaPorte and Rachel Hollis, just to name a few.

I even watched my own course, THRIVE again. Funny how you pick up so much more the second time you read a book or watch a video or take a course. It was not weird at all to listen to my own training. In fact, I said to myself out loud, “I should watch this every month! It’s so good!” I need to be reminded over and over again how to rewire my mindset and so do most people. (Shameless plug: This course is only $49 for a limited time, get it now before it goes back up to $199!!)

Who is your favorite mindset teacher? What do you read or listen to in order to keep a positive and success mindset? Leave a comment below and let me know.

Your biggest fan,