Habits will either make you or break you

I believe the difference between now and getting where you want, could be the shift in habits, you’ve developed over the years.

I know some of the habits I’ve changed were not just physical, but actually mental habits. Like telling myself what’s possible, how much time I have, and what I can accomplish (or not.)

Whether you believe it doesn’t change the fact that the way you talk to yourself affects everything you do.

Small changes in your conversations, how you manage time and the activities you choose to do, will alter the course of your life.

Is there any habit you need to let go of and replace with something more productive?


Watching TV ————> Reading Daily
Blame Others ———–> Forgive and Let Go
Take Responsibility ——> Hold Grudges
Criticize Others ———-> Compliment Others
No Goals or Plans ——–> Goals Written Down
Think Your An Expert —–> Always Learning
Talk About People ——-> Talk About Ideas
Fear Change ————> Embrace Change
See Problems ———–> Looks For Solutions
Challenges ————-> Opportunity For Growth

I’ve been working on replacing all my bad habits with new healthy ones including mental habits.

Is there a habit you’ve already changed this year? What do you plan to do in order to keep those healthy habits? Leave a comment and let me know.

I believe in you. I KNOW you have the ability to make one small decision that when turned into a habit will create ginormous change in your mindset, your body and your life.

I’m off to the gym now! And you, how does your morning start?

You have the power to create change, just change your habits.

​​​​​​​Your friend,