Affirmations and the Power of Positive Thought

positive thought

Working with positive affirmations can be a lot of fun and incredibly rewarding since it can change your state of being. Changing how you feel can change the outcome of an event, or even your whole day.

So how do we know affirmations really work?

A perfect example of the results of our thoughts on everything around us, are the experiments performed on water by Masaru Emoto, a Japanese scientist and visionary. His research has proven, with factual evidence, that our thoughts, ideas, vibrational energy, and words drastically affect the molecular structure of water.

These water crystals were created by producing different focused intentions through written and spoken words as well as music, then literally presenting it to the same water samples, the water appears to “change its expression”.
“Love and Gratitude” on the left is a beautiful snowflake. On the right, “You Make Me Sick” looks sick.

Since humans and the earth are composed mostly of water, Emoto proved that thoughts and feelings affect physical reality.

By working with affirmations we train our minds to become positive. For example, every time you find yourself thinking negatively, you can repeat your affirmation, therefore creating positive thoughts in place of the negative ones.

Eventually, the affirmation will teach your mind to feel positive about something you may have once struggled with, such as a belief or limiting idea. Here are some examples of positive, out-loud, verbal projections that can begin to change your state:

I am successful.

I am blessed.

I am wealthy; financially, mentally, spiritually, & emotionally.

I am healthy and in the best shape of my life.

I am honorable, virtuous, respected, and admired.

I am traveling the world.

I am working from the comfort of my home.

I am living the life I dreamed of.

I am providing abundantly for my family and loved ones.

I am the best human being I can possibly be.

Positive affirmations are easy to do and anybody can practice them. Just decide what you want to become through your personal affirmations each day. You can even say them to yourself inside your head if you feel uncomfortable saying them out loud.

I hope working with them brings much peace and happiness into your life, as well as personal empowerment, as it has mine.

Love your life,


live a life you love