Making Time for Yourself


Making Time for Yourself

When we feel overwhelmed or stressed, we need to take a break and get outside, take a walk, take some deep breaths and let the elements soothe our soul.

There is nothing like nature to recenter us, bring balance and harmony to the frantic and busy lifestyle most people have.

Whether it is sitting by a fire outside, running on a chilly morning, pulling weeds in the garden or listening to the water bubbling in a fountain, taking time away from electronics and external stimulation will give us back a sense of peace.

In the midst of work, kids and marriage, where exactly is this magical place that I’m supposed to find time for these indulgences? And isn’t it a selfish thought anyway?

Lately it has seemed like the only time I get to myself is in the car, in the shower or when I’m sleeping.

With a constant sucking of energy by little people, job, family illness, our partners, or even the stress of a daily schedule, we can become overwhelmed by the most menial of tasks. Cooking can feel like working, even if you are like me and love to cook.

Our brain and bodies need down time. A time to do nothing, and that means NOTHING. Every one needs that space to rejuvenate and have balance.

We call it quiet time, as I tell my children, or meditation or even prayer. (Prayer is when we are talking to God or Spirit or our higher power. Meditation is when we let this higher power connect with us.)

We need to quiet our mind. So no matter what we call it, we need that personal time.

I can always tell when someone is not balanced based on their happiness and mood.

Remember all of the advice we’ve have gotten from friends and family? Over the years when romantic relationships come and go I’ve heard many times:

“You need to love yourself first or you can’t truly love someone else.”

I believe this is the same idea when it comes to time spent on ourselves. Think of it as having a “you tank” that fills up when we get to do things that give us balance.

If my tank gets too low then I’m runnin’ on empty. It’s much harder to find the energy to run the kids around, help with homework or have a patient conversation with my spouse. This is when the “bear” in me rears it’s ugly head.

When our tank is low, that’s when we can start feeling taken for granted.

It gets harder to be kind and loving with the important people in your life. I am not saying that making time for ourselves is easy. We can’t make more time in the day but we can take steps to make our lives a bit easier.

If you have a spouse or a partner, make a day and time each week that each of you gets at least a few hours away. Whether it’s a rejuvenating massage, a mom’s night out, a round on the golf course, or just reading a book. This is your time to be with yourself – to recharge and refresh.

After even a couple hours away taking an aerial silks class or doing yoga, I feel very rejuvenated and ready to take on the world. Then I can give my family the attention and love they deserve.

We are all so important. We will only be able to succeed at the things we want to achieve if we take some “you” time. This is how we will be a better mother, father, employee, boss, friend, sibling, and lover.

Fill your cup so it can overflow.




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