A Love Letter from Your Higher Self


A Love Letter from Your Higher Self

My love letter today is what I wrote to myself from my higher self, after meditating Sunday night. I decided to give “automatic writing” a try while in this connected state with God or Spirit or Life as I like to call this energy we all know exists.

I grabbed a pen and paper and when I felt ready, I wrote a question:

What is the dream? What is my highest purpose?

Connecting with your Higher SelfThe next thing I wrote was “love.

Then I began to write so quickly, I could hardly get the words on the paper fast enough.

Is there any greater question you can ask: “Why am I here?

Do birds ask these questions? Do flowers need to know why they grow? Or do they just grow because the sun gives them energy, the earth grounds them and water feeds them?

Fire, which can destroy everything, is really the beginning or birth of a new creation.

You choose the perspective in which you see “fire.”

Is what you would call pain or suffering, the end or is it actually the beginning?

What you believe is your path, may indeed, not be big enough. You may have to change course or “fire” may create a new one.

Don’t be afraid when your world is torn down.

How else would you ever be able to step into the greatness you know is your destiny?

Why stay on a small gravel road, with a dead-end, if you were meant to be on a “yellow brick” one, heading to the “Emerald City?”

Some things must be torn down.
Sometimes paths need to change.
Even relationships need to end.

It is all for your greater good, and it is all good.

With love from the Spirit of all that is,


I would love to hear from you in the comments section of this post. Let me know how you are stepping into your greatness and if you need guidance, how can I serve you in my coming webinars and videos?

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