Manifesting Money and Tomatoes – What’s the difference?

manifesting money

What’s the difference between Manifesting Money and Tomatoes?

Actually, there is no difference between manifesting money or tomatoes. Let me explain the correlation. 
I often frequent the farmers market and have always admired the tomato plants. For years, I only had an herb garden and that literally took me 5 years to make it, after deciding I wanted one. I obviously don’t have a green thumb or so I thought! Planting vegetables felt like too much to figure out. Plus, who wants to weed?? I knew stakes were involved and that felt complicated too! At any rate, I continued to add new herbs into my garden because I’m a foodie and fresh herbs are a must! (Why I thought vegetables were SO much harder to grow than herbs, I’ll never know!)

While with a landscaper was helping me weed the yard, I pointed out a weed that needed to be pulled from the herb garden and he said no, that’s a little tomato plant! Wait, what? I didn’t plant tomatoes. I mean I REALLY wanted them but I didn’t plant them, so how could they be there? Remember, I’d probably talked about planting tomatoes for 2 years but had NEVER bought one. We agreed to leave it and see what happened at his urging. 

Wouldn’t you know as the weeks went by a huge tomato plant grew!

I couldn’t believe it! I mean hundreds of little yellow tomatoes came out of nowhere. Like a little kid, I was overwhelmed with joy and excitement because REALLY? What did I do to give this plant life? Nothing. I didn’t even plant it! It was Life creating more life. 

So how did the tomato plant get there? When my hand went to grab the new fennel plant at the farmers market, it went for the one with the tomato seed in it, because well, like attracts like. I had intended to have tomatoes in my garden but just hadn’t figured out the how yet. I didn’t know it was there, but the Life did.

[ctt_hbox link=”85Cv9″ via=”no” ]I’ve talked many times about how whatever we intend will manifest if we’re not attached to the end result. This means we are allowing what we want to flow to us and not concerned about the “how.” The “how” is not our job, Life will figure that out. [/ctt_hbox]

When we ask, it is always given, as long as we don’t ask, “Where is it?” This is the art of allowing what you want to flow to you, instead of pushing it away, by focusing on the absence of it.

I loved the idea of tomatoes, I saw them in my future and knew how happy they would make me. More importantly, I didn’t talk about how I would never be able to afford tomatoes or how tomatoes were unrealistic and only for smart people. I knew one day I would enjoy them but just didn’t know how that would happen.

manifesting money

Some of the heirloom tomatoes I’ve been growing since the little tomatoes stole my heart.

Manifesting money is the same as manifesting tomatoes 

Successful business? 10X our following? Find our soul mate? We can experience anything we desire by asking, allowing and not being attached to how only what.

[ctt_hbox link=”X71U5″ via=”no” ]Life will always find a way to deliver what we want, when we line up our energy with HAVING OR INCLUDING, not the absence, of what we want. [/ctt_hbox] We can attract tomatoes or money, it just depends on what we are focused on. That’s how the law of attraction works!

We could all use a little more tomatoes and money in our lives, right? Make sure to tell me one thing you want to “include” in your life this year, affirm in the comments below.

With love and little tomatoes,

manifesting money