What is a brand voice and why do I need one?

brand voice

What is a brand voice and why do I need one?

If you’re posting on social media or sending out regular emails, your presence has a voice, a brand voice. The question is whether or not it’s the right one?

What the heck is a brand voice anyway and why is it so important?

Welp, your brand voice is what motivates and engages anyone that comes into contact with you and your company. It’s the personality of your brand – the essence of who you are. Your voice comes out through the words you use and sentences you write. It’s your authentic voice. Essentially, your brand voice is your company’s personality on paper. That can be all kinds of things from negative to hilarious to totally approachable and even inappropriate.

If your voice sounds just like everyone else or is falling flat, it will become very hard to differentiate your brand from all the other creative entrepreneurs out there. So what makes YOU different?

Like hellllllo?! You are unique and special. You have a perfect blend of incredible gifts, talents and personality that create the Art of You®. Decide what you want your brand voice to be represent, based on who you are as a brand.

Here’s an example of a brand that is KICKIN’ it on social media: Taco Bell. Yeah I know, cheap food out of a window, no biggie but listen they are raking in the follows on social.

Taco Bell’s brand voice is funny, sassy and playful. 

This relatable voice keeps Taco Bell top of mind. You get the sense that Taco Bell is a person, not just a company that makes tacos. This voice builds a connection between consumers and a company, one that is difficult to break.

Taco Bell Is a Tad Clingy. is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list The 40 Best Taco Bell Tweets

Food Babies Are Serious Busine... is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list The 40 Best Taco Bell Tweets


When you make people laugh and smile, you build connections, which turn into relationships. [ctt_hbox link=”bc5pL” via=”no” ]When you make people laugh and smile, you build connections, which turn into relationships. [/ctt_hbox] Taco Bell doesn’t sound like a giant corporation does it? It sounds like your funny friend that you like to hang out with. Would you agree, Taco Bell is making friends with their customers, by sounding like one of them?

[ctt_hbox link=”F4MLf” via=”no” ]Using unique language and style is key to building a close relationship with your customers. It can even break relationships. If you don’t speak clearly to your audiences, you can get poor performance (or worse, completely turn customers away). [/ctt_hbox]

Where can you find your brand voice?

Babe, it is within YOURSELF. Who are you? What lights you up? What makes you so darn special?

First thing you can do to find your voice, is to write down 10 personality traits that define you and/or make you unique.

For example, et me tell you a little bit about my brand voice.

I’m a southern girl that loves to tell-it-like-it-is. Plus, I definitely use slang on the reg. I speak directly and I love humor, I write like I’m talking to my girlfriend over a glass of wine or telling her to take one more lap on the treadmill with my motivational can-do-it attitude. Women are my primary market. I’m talking to HER most of the time through my brand voice which has a relatable girlfriend tone. I love to cook, dance to hip hop and chill to Indie Electronic after I take a yoga class. I’ll arrive at the office in ripped jeans, bohemian top with my green juice just before a marketing meeting. Cuz you know I’m a BIZNESS woman AND a zen hippie. You get the picture right? PERSONALITY.

Who is your target market?

What age? Are they professional, laid back or technical? Do you want to be relatable and down to earth with your communications? Do you want your voice to be poetic and romantic? Is your voice loving and understanding or is it matter of fact? What do your competitors sound like? Are they funny, and cracking jokes constantly? 

How can you make you be unique in a noisy world? Have you already nailed your brand voice?

[ctt_hbox link=”auzE8″ via=”no” ]Your brand voice is the personality you give your business and it is what will make you stand out against your competition. As you can see, there is no limit except your imagination. [/ctt_hbox]

I’d love to know how you are capturing your market in a new and different way. Please make sure to leave a comment below and get in the conversation. I can’t wait to hear your voice!

Go get ’em girlfriend,

brand voice

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