How to Turn Your Wounds into Wisdom

turn your wounds into wisdom

How Do You Turn Your Wounds into Wisdom?

What if you took every bad experience you had and decided NOT to turn your wounds into wisdom?

In my life, I have been around people who regularly beat the drum of what “was.” For example, how bad their life was growing up, how hurt they still feel about a certain relationship, or how they can’t move on from death of a loved one. Even worse, how bad their life is right now.

It’s like God has the switch out and is spanking us for our every move like we’re bad kids. (Southern kids will understand.) They believe they “have no power in this life, or they’re just getting what they get because they don’t deserve any better.”

I don’t know why we think we aren’t an important player in this game called Life. Nor why we feel it is necessary to relive, replay, talk about and try to get to the bottom of any problem, issue or something that someone has done to us.

Because…Ready for this?

We can’t get to the bottom of a problem, because there is no bottom.

Talking about our problems, asking for advice about them, or trying to figure out why something happened or why someone would hurt us, is just keeping it in our existence.

In fact, we are just gaining momentum to make the wound even deeper.

We will experience more of the same.

More people who want to hurt us.

Just like dating the same type of “bad guy” that some friends I know tend to do. They continue to beat the drum of that sameness. For example, how everyone they date is always a loser or treats them poorly, or how they must not be meant to have a relationship and will die alone.

“God must be punishing me.” No, we are punishing ourselves.

We need to stop telling the same story to ourselves, in order to turn our wounds into wisdom.

We need to make up a virtual reality of our life and talk about where we are going, who we are going to be with, and how wonderful everyone treats us.

I even say “thank you” as many times a day as I can to my creator. I give thanks for the blessings Life is giving me OR are on the way to me. “Thank you for lungs to breathe and ears to hear.” I say “thank you for my heart that gets stronger as I work out.” I whisper “thank you” for the birds singing to me as I get the mail.

Our dreams will become our reality when when finally stop talking about the past and get on with our lives. NOW, in the present moment is the only thing that matters. Saying “thank you” for right now, for everything we have is the most powerful way to release the past and enter a state of inspiration and gratitude.

There is no reason we have to be the person who experiences all the pain. That’s not who we are or who we want to be. That was a product of who we WERE and what we OBSERVED. We can change our future by telling our story the way we WANT it to be, not the way it already has been.

I know it is hard in the beginning but it is so fun when we witness the manifestation of our thoughts. We get to watch our experience transform right before our eyes.

We cannot let our wounds become our identity. It’s time to move on, and find a new identity that is more pleasing. Life is so much sweeter when we are grateful for it–all of it.

How will you let your wounds transform you? Will you become powerless or more powerful?

Leave a comment and tell us of a time when you changed your perspective after you felt wounded. How did you transform from powerless to powerful? We love your wisdom in the Art of You Community so join the conversation in the comments below. #hollarbacky’all

From my heart to yours,