Action is Manifesting


No matter what you’ve been told. You CAN have anything you want.

God loves you. The Universe loves you. Spirit loves you.
There is no question of whether you are worthy. It is evident since your birth.
In all things, there is an energetic force that either pushes or pulls anything towards you.

Action is Manifesting

[ctt_hbox link=”bucba” via=”no” ]You create the energy that moves worlds with your thoughts.[/ctt_hbox]

They are a beacon either calling forth or moving away from you.
Make an intention, decide on your end result and focus daily in prayer, meditation or visualization, with gratitude for already having lived that desire.

Every day take another action step.

[ctt_hbox link=”df4ul” via=”no” ]Which direction does not matter because you will course correct as you move. Without taking action, you are parked at wishing and hoping, where as action is manifesting.[/ctt_hbox]