Life Cycles

Growing to love yourself

The world is crashing in on you.

You know what I mean, right? It happens to most people several times in their life. Even when they think they’ve got it all together and are growing! That time when you feel like, “OMG, I can’t take it anymore!”

If it could go wrong, it went wrong.

I have been through many of those times and I’m sure there are more to come because that is the cycle of growth. It helps you become aware of consistent thoughts. You usually get sick when you are resisting your next step.

For a couple of years, I had allergies so bad, I couldn’t breathe at night, had pain in my eyes and head and kept consistently getting sinus infections. All the while taking tons of antihistamines, natural and otherwise, with an organic diet of fruits and vegetables. Who knew I had mold in my house, that I was unaware of, and 23 environmental allergies including MOLD! 

Everyone was sick constantly. We couldn’t figure out why? Why is this happening to us? Why are we the healthiest people we know, but sick all the time? Is it kids in preschool and kindergarten building their immune system? Is it this house? We checked everything from ventilation, air filters, water filters, until we discovered the problem. Was it really external forces causing the problem or internal emotions? All the while being sick, I was having struggles with changes in our business, the growing pains of a long term relationship, parental illness, and developing children with complicated schedules.

Then you feel the weight of the pressure cracking…

Was it just mold, or was sickness a manifestation of dis-ease in the body temple? The emotional weight you feel from a changing and growing life, can manifest in ways that make you more unhappy physically. Like mold making you sick. Because we were all sick of being treated poorly, sick of things the way they were, sick of finances not growing the way we wanted. “Sick of” was our constant complaint, so we got a whole lot more sick of in the form of mold. Like the Universe or God or Spirit was saying, “You want to be sick of something, here, take that!”

Enough. I’ve had enough.

“I can’t take it anymore” and you sit and cry in the laundry room like I did over the holidays. And decide you need to start meditating regularly, because something has to change and that thought that “I should meditate” had been a regular voice in my head. Why wasn’t I listening to my inner voice? “I can’t be sick of everything anymore.” It’s often a breakdown that creates a breakthrough. 

The Victim Stage

Everything that is happening “to you” or so you think it’s happening “to you” is because a seed you have planted is emerging from within you. By seed, I mean you have been thinking about how you would like the next phase of your life to be either emotionally, financially or through relationships.

You want to be happy and prosperous or you want a better job, but are still blaming the one you have for your unhappiness.

This is a stage many like to call, being a victim, when we are blaming everyone but ourselves. Because “I would never do this to myself.” I have to be a little honest with you, everything that is happening to you, is a product of your own perpetual thoughts and emotions. Quit blaming something outside yourself.

Most often we ask debilitating questions like, “Why is this happening to me? What’s wrong with them? Why me? How can I fix this? Who is to blame?” This is an endless loop of chaos that leaves us in the stage of being a victim.

Change the questions you ask

The nature of your experience is determined by the questions we ask- when we pray, when we meditate, when we talk to ourselves while driving…If you change the questions you are asking, you can find out what is seeking to manifest through you.  

“What I am doing is not working. I am ready for change. I am willing and open and receptive to whatever needs to be birthed through me and as me.” 

It is your willingness to grow, THAT in and of itself, begins to shift what is happening. Because now, you are not shouting “no,” you are saying “yes” to who you are becoming. No more resisting. 

How is God or Spirit or the Universe wanting to use my life?

What is it that I have asked for that is trying to emerge through me, through my business, through my life and through my relationships?

Even when it seems like it is the worst thing that could ever happen to you (like losing a job or a partner or even your health) it could be for your highest good. So if you’ve gotten fired or quit your job, ended a lovely relationship or ended up in an unwanted divorce, then good! Congratulations! Time for something better!  

You will always get what you are asking for, that… or something better.

Maybe the Universe or God or Spirit has a better idea of what would really make your life soar, better than you could’ve ever imagined.

Something will grow from all you are going through and it will be you.
Love your life,

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