When Does Life Begin?

Thriving not just surviving

Birth and Death, which one comes first?

Life has a beginning…

Or so you think, AND life has an end, or so you’ve been told.

What if there is no beginning and no end?

What if life is just a moment in time…

…an experience you needed, a lesson to learn, a relationship to deepen and just one of many infinite possibilities?

There is not an end, to an eternal being, only the closing of one chapter.

So there should never be Fear.

Never question whether life is worth living, because YOU opened your eyes to this experience, YOU CHOSE IT.

You get to choose when this chapter ends and how it will end.

Stop crying for help and pick yourself up, appreciate that you have a choice, YOU chose this experience.

Honor your own calling by answering it.

Ask the questions:

  • “What did I need to learn from this experience?”
  • “What can I choose now?”
  • “How can I become better?”
  • “Who can benefit and how can I help someone else?”

Life is not hard, it is not to punish you, it is to teach you.

Ask for clarity on this lesson, ask for help and guidance and you will have it.

Every story has an end but every end is also a new beginning.

With love from above,






  • Michelle Rich

    Thank you, Laura… I’m pondering on this love letter, gathering my thoughts and comments as I sit on the beach this morning… I’m honored that this love letter was for me… I definitely need it today…

    April 19, 2017 at 10:18 AM

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