Forgive Your Old Self

Welcome to 2017!

It’s a new year AND I just turned 42 on Friday! It seems the years just keep flying by faster and faster. So how do you slow down and enjoy your life?

How do you let go of what you didn’t do in 2016 and start fresh in 2017?


Forgive yourself for what you didn’t do, forgive who you were and accept and honor who you are now. A resolution is a desire and desires change, yearly, monthly, even daily. WE change, we evolve, we grow and what we thought we needed, may no longer be what serves us.

However, if you are one who routinely sabotages yourself by saying something like: “I don’t make resolutions because I never keep them,” the first step is honoring and acknowledging your fear of failure.

Make a new resolution with this prayer or mantra:

“I am ready to let go of my old habit of FEAR and become FEARLESS. I will no longer be a victim of circumstance but decide my destiny and expect it to manifest.”

Most creative and ambitious people take on way too much. You can’t focus if you’re all over the place. This is when most people get overwhelmed and give up or do what they feel is easier, like remain in their comfort zone. The monotony of the daily routine is more comfortable instead of growing and expanding, which can feel uncomfortable.

If you can focus on the critical few and do the big things first, you won’t burn out on the small trivial things.

This means I actually need to figure out what I want and then narrow it down to what will give you the highest and most meaningful results. Do a purge! Get it out of your head and onto paper.

Man, the freedom you feel from putting your pen to paper and removing it from your “cranial to do list” is so freeing, you will feel a surge in energy from a “brain dump” alone. Not unlike making a grocery list, it is easier and faster to shop, if you know what you are looking for.

The first step is for you to say you can.

What do you want your life to be about this year?
Who do you want to become?
What’s the impact of the goal: mentally, emotionally, physically?
Will you need the support of other people? How will it affect your family?
Who will you need to become into in order to make it happen?
What do you need to learn or study?

If you are stretching who you are as a person, then it will benefit you through personal and spiritual growth. That has long lasting benefits and is one of the best goals for your overall well-being.

To learn more about setting goals, make sure you download your free audio.

I hope 2017 is full of “I cant believe I did this” instead of “I should’ve done that.

Peace, blessings and abundance in 2017.

Love Your Life,


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