Change is all about Perspective

It was Osbourne who said, “Unless you attempt to do something, beyond that which you’ve already mastered, you will never grow.” Change is all about perspective, isn’t it?

For the past week, I have been helping my mother-in-law Connie, pack 40 years of memories and belongings to move from Seattle, WA to Charlotte, N.C., almost 3000 miles away.

Mt. Rainier

The funny part is that I did this myself, moving from NC to Seattle in Dec 2004, (the week before Christmas) after meeting my husband four months prior.

Everyone said I had “lost my mind,” moving to a rainy, gray Seattle, WA and leaving my family, but I was in love and excited. Moving can be magical.

Change is all about perspective.

I continued to tell everyone that, “This is going to be a wonderful adventure,” as Todd and I drove across the country for 5 days (with my whole house in a truck.)

Packing Connie’s house of 40 years where my husband grew up, has certainly been an adventure, since that’s like moving a mountain.

It’s not just a lot of work, it’s emotional.

There are SO many memories.

It is hard to let go of so much stuff, but I just keep telling her that the more she blesses other people with these things, the more she’s making room for new blessings, new abundance, and new memories.

The more you clear out, the more you make room for.

Downsizing is not just about less space for things, it’s about more space for abundance.

If you hold on to something because you think you might use it, you’re holding on to a lack mindset.

Subconsciously, you’re telling yourself that there won’t be enough money to buy it, if you need it.

Let it go and create space.

Feel abundant by blessing other people with the things you no longer need. 

Everything will work out, it always does.

Connie will definitely miss her remodeled home in the shadow of Mt Rainer, her beautiful Cedar River, right outside her doorstep and 300 ft Cedar trees so tall they could touch the sky.

Change is all about perspective

Rushing Cedar River right outside the window

My mother-in-law is leaving behind so much beauty, to step into a new experience of being with her only two grandchildren, who will most certainly fill her life with love.

It is relationships that we need most after all isn’t it?

I think Connie is ready to be overwhelmed with little people and hot Carolina sunshine. After all, she is a southern gal, from Mississippi, coming back to her Southern roots.

Connie admits she is looking forward to, “Drinking sweet tea, eating grits and blackened catfish with a side of fried green tomatoes.”

Happiness is a choice and change is all about perspective.

You will determine how you feel and what your energy is, by the story you tell – so make sure it’s a good one!

The drive starts today, as we make our second journey across the country. With Connie, her whole house in a Penske truck, 2 dogs and our two children, Todd and I should have quite the adventure to tell.

Let’s just pray it’s not a National Lampoon’s kind of story! 🙂

Onward and upward,

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