Shredded Flank Steak and Coconut Flour Tortillas

flank tortilla collage

So, it’s that time of year when I start a fridge and freezer clean-out, or my OCD is acting up. So everywhere I turn, I find something to organize or obsess over until it’s “just right.” This includes obsessing over clearing out the freezer and pantry, which I don’t think is a bad thing, considering food does go bad! So I’m looking in the freezer at some grass fed, free-range flank steak that I picked up from a local farmer. In the pantry, I see green chilis, organic fire-roasted tomatoes and organic black beans, which are staples for me. I always have onion and peppers in the fridge. Wait, it just so happens I bought avocado today! (I always buy fresh food every week). That sounds like we are having Mexican food tonight!

Being the latin food lover that I am, I immediately was thinking of some sort of adobo shredded beef, but it would be lonely without a tortilla or chips. I am trying really hard to stay away from wheat. Not that I won’t eat it on occasion, but I really would love to eliminate wheat from my diet, since in the U.S. it’s almost all genetically modified, unlike Europe. I can immediately feel the effects of the wheat sleep and my belly doesn’t like it either.

I have stocked up on things like coconut flour, almond flour, arrowroot and other natural sources of flours that haven’t been messed with. Most of which have more fiber and protein than GMO wheat. I am no expert but I can tell by the way I feel. So it was time to try and create a tortilla out of coconut flour.  There we had it – shredded flank steak and coconut flour tortillas! Check out how beautiful the tortilla is! You can make with egg whites only or the whole egg. The whole egg will be a bit heavier and more golden in color. I would encourage you to double the tortilla recipe so you have leftovers for another meal. These are wonderful leftover for breakfast. You can stuff with spinach and cream cheese or any vegetables. You can also adjust the recipe and add cinnamon and vanilla extract with a little honey instead of garlic and onion powder to make more of a crepe. These are amazing filled with fruit or cocoa almond butter for breakfast or dessert. Yum!









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