Having a bad day?

How do you get through having a bad day?

We all have bad days right?  The one that starts bad, ends bad and has a whole lot of bad in the middle?

Don’t you love it when a friend or even a stranger butts into your otherwise bottomless pit of despair and doom and gloom with joy and happiness?  Out of nowhere they crack a joke or make a warm gesture and next thing you know you have an unwilling smile creeping out of the corner of your mouth.

Then, all of a sudden you begin to shift your vibration solely from feeling good.

It’s amazing what this simple gesture can mean when it comes at just the right time.  We often take such things for granted, saying thank you to the cashier at the register in the grocery store or holding the door to the person behind you at the bank.  But never underestimate the power of such a simple act of kindness.  You can be the sole beam of light in someone’s otherwise dark day.


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