Overcoming Addictions

For those who are overcoming addictions, living with someone fighting alcohol and drug abuse, workaholism or sex, this is for you.

Addictions come in many forms, all of which can be overcome, once you know there is not chemical solution, for a spiritual problem.

Why do people abuse drugs and alcohol, work too much or have trouble overcoming addictions?

Why do people do anything they know is harmful to their body?

Because they believe they will feel better by doing it.

It is a band-aid, a temporary hiding from feeling their feelings.

Overcoming addictions

Facing your thoughts and the reality that is causing them, is much more painful, than drowning them with alcohol or numbing them with drugs or work.

This a stage of eminent growth.

During these peaks in life, you can embrace what feels uncomfortable and scary, or you can hide, but you will have to face your demons at some point.

The most profound part of life, is when you face obstacles head on and are true to yourself.

You learn the most when, you go beyond what you believe, you are capable of handling.

You are so much stronger than you realize; more brilliant and loving than you ever thought possible.

If you can decide to be here while you are here, feel the feelings, good and bad, and move through them, you will become like a flower as it blossoms and grows with magnificent beauty.

How will you ever know the sweetness that lies in overcoming, if you don’t taste the bitterness of life?

Why do people abuse drugs and alcohol?

You are capable. You can do this and you will look back at yourself with wonder and awe.

You can overcome anything impossible, just as impossible as the woman who created your human body. Your cells create organs, your mind creates love and happiness, you can face and move through anything.

Just ask for help and guidance and you will be guided.

Your angels are always with you.

Ask them to see more clearly:

Who do you need to ask for help?

Where do you need to go?

Who do you need to become?

Ask and you will know.

You already know, you just have to choose. Choose now to be free of addiction.

Have a clear mind more often. You will be guided easier when you can hear the energy.

Feel blessed. Fear nothing, because there is nothing to fear.

You are so loved,

Laura Laire

Please share, so many people need this love and support.

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