Detox Vietnamese Pho Soup

Pretty Pho-king amazing, if you ask me! This vegetarian Vietnamese Pho soup is easy to make and satisfying!

Vietnamese Pho Soup
32 ounces homemade or low-sodium vegetarian broth (add star anise and cinnamon to broth) or organic pho soup base
7 ounces extra firm organic tofu
1 tablespoon fresh ginger, peeled and grated
3 ounces shiitake and portobello mushrooms
2 bunches bok choy thinly sliced
4 large napa cabbage leaves thinly sliced
3 ounces bean sprouts
2 dried crushed Thai bird eye chilis
1 green onion, thinly sliced
Handfuls of fresh cilantro and basil, plus lime wedges, for serving

Heat broth to boiling, add mushrooms, cubed tofu and ginger. Cook until mushrooms are soft, add bok choy for 1 minute then serve. Top with napa cabbage, fresh cilantro, fresh basil leaves,beansprouts, green onion, lime juice and crushed chili.
If you’re not detoxing, hoisin, siracha, and rice noodles are all great additions! Serves 3-4.

Happy slurping!


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