How Can I Get Motivated?

One of my friends asked me the other day, “How do I stay on track and get motivated?” Well…

If you are passionate and in love with what you are doing, you won’t need motivation, you will move because you are inspired.

What is it that you are not motivated to do? Clean the house, build your business, go to the gym?
I can understand the clean house situation – I need caffeine to motivate me to do the laundry. But when it comes to building my brand, no motivation is needed. I don’t have enough time for all the creative ideas I have! That is because I am inspired, so no one needs to motivate me.
If you are feeling un-inspired, here are some ways to get motivated:

1. Be Optimistic

Research shows happiness increases productivity and therefore creates more success. So it’s time to pay attention to how you feel and get positive.
What are you forcing yourself to do? If you are not motivated, it is either because you don’t want to do it or you haven’t found a reason that inspires you.
We procrastinate most when we are not happy.

2. Own It

Whose dream is it anyway?
If you are not motivated to work on what you think is your passion, then maybe it’s not yours. Inspiration comes from within. Motivation is an exterior force and never lasts long term. You know the saying “Motivation ends on Monday!”

For instance, if your spouse wants you to workout, it probably won’t inspire you to do it. (Unless you think there will be more booty calls involved and that’s what motivates you!)
Looking good in skinny jeans and being fierce in a tank top is way more motivating to me than pleasing someone else. But honestly, I exercise because I want to feel good. I want to have energy, I want to be around when I have grandchildren. That inspires me and moves me to go to the gym when I could be coming up with a million other things to do instead.

3. Make A List

A to-do list is a healthy habit to help you be more productive in your job, family life, and just in general. It’s like going to the grocery store — you are way more productive if you have written down exactly what you need instead of leaving with a cart of randomness, and getting home only to find out you forgot the very thing you went to the store to get!
Before bed each night write down at the top 3 things you need to do the next day. This will ensure you do the big things first and won’t sweat the small stuff. Never underestimate the power of a to-do list. It creates focus and keeps you from getting sucked into the social media black hole that people get trapped in, and will keep you on task.

4. Peer Pressure

It is easier to fall back in the habit of “doing nothing” when no one else knows what you’re trying to achieve, so accountability is critical here. So, if we are talking about going to the gym, you need a workout partner. This will keep you from being a slacker more often because someone knows when you don’t go. Give your list of goals to someone who will hold you to it. Get a life coach if you need more serious accountability.

I have always shared my goals with others around me. For me, the threat of humiliation for not achieving them is very motivating. I also believe that you eventually get whatever you tell stories about consistently. The flip side of that is you cannot allow anyone to tear you down, if they don’t believe what you are after is achievable. So there are two sides of the coin here. Sometimes it is better to quietly bust it and let everyone marvel at your ability to be driven and consistent. But if you are not driven, this won’t work!

5. Hang Around Motivated People

Research shows that over time you will develop the healthy or bad habits of the people you spend the most time with. If you are spending your time with career oriented people that are super serious about high achievement, it will rub off on you. If your friends are making healthy eating and fitness a priority, they will eventually convince you to do the same. You are also the average income of the 10 people you spend your time with. So the group of people you associate with is what you morph into. That doesn’t mean you should get rid of your friends, however, you can negotiate how much time you spend with them.

6. Reward Your Hard Work

It’s the rainbow after the rain, the sunshine after the storm, a lollipop after a visit to the doctor — ok I’ll stop. 🙂

Rewarding little successes and accomplishments is a lot more motivating than you might think. It works with animals, it works with children and it definitely works for adults. Treat yourself when you complete something on your list. This doesn’t mean head to the nearest donut shop for a sprinkle-laden heart attack ring. It means do something special – think of rewards as an experience, not a dessert. I like to make time in a busy week to see a concert with a friend, run and grab a manicure or take a hot bath with a great book. Maybe it’s a nice dinner out to your favorite place or a Netflix marathon on Saturday. Little pleasures are so much more enjoyable when they are following a great accomplishment. Nothing feels better than marking off your life to-do list.

To sum it all up, you really need to listen to your inner voice and go after your passion. That means finding a career or business you love. Hang around happy, healthy and driven people and they will sprinkle their super human dust on you. Make a list every night and don’t sweat the small stuff, you can add it to your list tomorrow!

Now let’s go out and crush it.


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