Free your Funk – Liberation from the Voice in your Head

Free your funk

Ever get in a funk?

You know, one of those days where your imagination drives you crazy creating “futures” that will NEVER, E-V-E-R happen.

Or you get stuck in a perpetual loop of a long-gone past, reliving the same day over and over, like a scene out of the movie “Ground Hog Day.”


All of us have funks.

Yep, you know those days when all your relationships are destructive and no one, including friends, family and co-workers, is safe from your rathe. Things from your past are still haunting you, while goals from your future seem impossible to achieve. There are those days when you don’t want to cook, don’t want to go out to eat and really should not be talking to humans. In fact, everyone should really run for their life, away from your miserable, uninspired, flat-lining self.

Yeah, that was me, I’m talking about, I just had one of those days or three…

Funny thing is, many people believe they have no choice in the matter: “I don’t know what’s wrong with me? I can’t shake it off. Maybe God is trying to teach me something. I guess I’m just being punished.”

Right… for sticking your tongue out at your mom when you were 9 or tripping Sally in kindergarten. It’s payback time, you little punk, you are going to suffer for stealing that pack of gum at the airport when they forgot to charge you.

No one is punishing you, except you.

At some point, you realize it’s just this little voice inside your head that has you living in make-believe-land, up in your cranial. News flash: NONE OF IT IS TRUE!
Time to take a deep breath, kick out the imaginary friend in your head and get freedom from “the funk.”

That’s why motivation is all over social media and “be more positive” is the catch phrase of the century. Take a look around, there’s an inspirational saying on teacups, framed artwork and T-shirts, for starters. Why do we all enjoy the constant reminders, to be more positive?

Thinking positive IS something you SHOULD do everyday. Just like taking a bath, it takes more than one time, to wash off the negative influence from life, people and experiences, since we get them on the daily.

So, does that mean that we shouldn’t have those contrasting negative experiences or thoughts?

How would you know what you like or don’t like? How would you learn and grow? How would you choose without variety?

The enemy is that obsessive, one-sided conversation, going on inside your head, making every tiny detail grow into a mammoth problem. After all, it is usually never as bad as you imagine.

The imagination can a powerful force for attracting what you want, so it’s really good thing, but it can be just as powerful for dragging you down the evil black hole of “blah.”

What can you do that is so powerful, that it will startle you enough, to shake the sadness off, melt the fog away, liberate the funk? How can you snap out of it, until you really choose to feel better?

Freedom from the Voice in your Head

No one is just floating down the river of life, hoping not to hit any rocks. YOU get to CHOOSE, you get to turn on the road, you get to rock the boat. You get to decide which way, which lesson, which pain, which joy.

Your life IS a CHOICE and when you are done choosing, you renter into spirit, where there is nothing more to choose.

And, you arrive with knowing:

-A oneness that is unimaginable, incomprehensible and incredible, all in the same moment.

-An awakening and remembering of your truth – that you always had the truth within you. 

With no experience, there is no pain but also no happiness, no life force. You must go do it all, screw it up, regret it, wish it never happened and love every minute of it. Life is nothing without your experiences. All of them. Truth is merely shadowed by experience.

The best way to get out of your own head and out of a funk is to realize, that you have a choice.

A choice to let it go and let it be part of your learning. The past does not define who you are now but it is vital to your evolution.

For God’s sake just do something beside all that thinking!

-Take some deep breaths, for real, like ten of them. Focus on oxygen instead of dooms day. I bet it’s the first time you’ve taken a deep breath today right?

-Be creative! Cook a beautiful dish, draw or paint, write in a journal, garden, or read a book!

-Get out in nature, take a dog for a walk, go on a run, do yoga, head to the gym. Exercise is like kryptonite for a funk day.

-Explore, go look at houses, try a new restaurant, drive around someplace new. Get out yo house!

Change your state by indulging in self-care, dance around the house to your favorite music, take a bubble bath, steam shower, put a masque on, paint your toe nails or your girl’s. (She’ll love you for that!)

-Talk to someone who will listen, call a relative, friend or a coach. (I know a good one. 🙂 Schedule a free discovery call to see if I can help.)

Remember that what happened in the past, is not happening now, so why let it dominate your thoughts?

Thinking about it will not change the outcome. Today and right now is all that matters. Your mind will play tricks on you and keep replaying anything over and over again, as you obsess about how bad it’s going to be, when it may not, ever, even happen. The future isn’t here yet, it’s just another now and you’ll deal with it when it gets here. Right now is enough.

Are there any other things you like to do when you need to free the funk? I wanna know! 

Any one of these ideas, can help bring me out of an funk, whether it’s just a couple hours or a couple days. If you are experiencing something longer such as a couple weeks to months, talking to a life couch, therapist or counselor is very useful. Don’t take depression lightly. Get help.

Please share your wisdom with the Art of You Community, we love to hear from you and there is always someone who needs your words, drop them below. Press share this message with the one who needs it, because only you know who they are. #sharingiscaring

I’m going to have a stellar day, now that I’ve been liberated. I hope you do too. #freeyourfunk

Peace and blessings,





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