Author: lauralaire

Building the new

socrates_quote-1Something I work on daily, is to watch my thoughts. Too often, I remember something that happened to me, how I felt, or what transpired. Almost like playing the same “record” over and over until I realize what’s happening and catch myself. “Wait a minute, I don’t want to repeat that scenario again do I?”

Instantly, I look for a better feeling thought. Push fast forward… to where I see myself in the future. What do I want to be doing, with who and where? How do I feel? What can I think about that instantly puts a smile on my face? How can I serve others to bring joy to them, which ultimately will bring me more joy too?

When you notice what you want to do, do you also notice the lack of it? For instance, we are traveling right now, as a family and it costs a lot to do anything.  I want to go to Paris, (“but do we have the money for that?” which would instantly permeate most people’s mind.)

You can’t want something but notice that it’s not there. The Law of Attraction works by bringing you what you are thinking about. It doesn’t decipher between your “wants” and “don’t wants.” When one of us mentions something negative, along side a positive desire, we will remind each other that “there is more money where that came from.” Or “there’s always money coming in.”