How can I attract more abundance in my life and business?

Abundance Mindset

I am a magnet, money and success follow me everywhere I go.

“How can I attract more abundance in my life and business?”

This is a question many people have asked me, in their efforts to release the blocks to abundance.

Looking for ways to create more money is a universal driving force that connects most people.

But why do some have the ability to allow more money to flow into their life easily and others don’t? I believe that it has to do with your relationship to money and that can be changed.

Do you feel you have to “work hard to make money?”

Do you tell the story you hear others tell that, “there is never enough money” and that “life is hard?”

Change your story and your relationship to money and you can change your life.

Money, is energy.

—Energy cannot be created or destroyed.

—You loan it out and get it back. —The more of an abundant mindset you have, the more abundance you experience.

My money mantra is:

“I am a magnet, money comes to me frequently, easily and effortlessly.”

So one of the ways you can begin to transform your relationship to money is to feel abundant. So how can you be more generous?


Give more love, bless more people and give generously.

Whether there is a need or not doesn’t matter.

It is the art of feeling abundant while giving to another, that brings that same abundant energy back to you.

When you say you want more money, what does that mean to you?

More time? Freedom? Choices?

If you are waiting on money to give you freedom, you won’t feel free when you have money.

It’s about giving in to the vibration of freedom, basking in the glow of open space and infinite choices.


You don’t need money to feel free.

Money won’t create happiness when you get more of it.

Choosing to let happiness guide you, will send you on a path to more than enough money.

Your mind is asking for money, when your heart is the one asking for freedom.

Follow your heart and you will be free.

With love and abundance,





  • Naz

    THank you for sharing! THis is so so good! Ive been in the process of changing my negative mindSet, stories, and beliefs about money (& life)…but my spouse hasnt had a mindSet chanGe yet in this Financial area regarding abundance. How does that work of he’s the primary breadwinner? Do our positive vs negative energies just cancel each OTHEr out? Can posItive affirmations that i do work on my husband To help him be enlightened so we are on the same page? Id love to hear your thoughts! Xo

    May 17, 2017 at 2:54 PM
      • Naz

        Thanks so much for yoUr words of wisdom, lauRa! I’ll continue to be positive and optimistic regardless…anD Like you say, hopefully, he’ll see for himself the dIfference it makes having a positive mindSeT! Im believing for great things to come our way this year…and if anything… i want to set an example & teach our three girls the power you hAve by the tHoughts you choose…soMething i wish i learned myself pre-adulthood! 🙂 Thanks for all the time you take to share your PASSION/WISDOM!! Xo

        May 18, 2017 at 1:30 AM

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