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Hi! I’m Laura,

A wife, mom of 2 and health nut.

I’ve been a passionate entrepreneur for almost 20 years. Through educational and motivational speaking, I’ve coached thousands of people and business owners to find abundance.

I want to help YOU learn how to live well and achieve more, too.

There’s never been a better time to create a life you love. Whether you want to uncover your own personal power, redefine your spiritual life, create more magical relationships, or nurture a healthier body, it’s not only possible, it’s the definition of true wealth.

Uncover your happy, healthy and purpose-filled life by discovering the Art of You.

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I love to listen to all your stories – you are so entertaining and I always learn so much when I have the opportunity to sit in the same room with you.


Thank you so much. You were amazing and inspirational. Your story is so unbelievable. You have encouraged me to think big. I am so thankful for you putting in so much thought and effort into your teaching.


You are adorable, but most importantly, you are real, inspiring and motivational. Thank you!

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