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10 Food to Eat Your Way to Healthy Skin


Beauty in the since of vanity is not just what we paint our faces with or drape on our bodies. It starts with what we ingest.

Timeless skin. This seems to be the plight of many women these days and although there are many options out there, do you ever find yourself asking “what is really going to work?” Your food intake directly effects your skin’s appearance so you need to make sure you are eating healthy, collagen producing foods on a regular basis. Here is a cheat sheet of foods that can help keep your skin looking and feeling young by assisting in boosting the production of collagen.  

The Ever Growing Thyroid Issue


It seems like I am hearing about thyroid issues in people more than ever…and it’s happening to younger and younger people. It got me to thinking. Is there something that has changed? Something that we are doing different to cause this increasing and very scary problem?

Americans are always looking for the next best thing, the shortcut. The healthier version, that’s been altered from the way nature intended. Be careful for health buzzwords like gluten free for instance.  That doesn’t mean it’s good for you and whole civilizations survived on natural food that came out of the ground with gluten in it. We take something that should be used in moderation and fall off the deep end. Put down the gluten free cookie, it’s not healthy either! OK I’ll blog about that one later.

So there are a lot of chemicals and household foods and items you can avoid to lower your exposure to potential thyroid problems in the future.