Does Money Create Wealth?💰

Everyone wants a pile of money. 
We want to see the big number in the bank account and most are just waiting for it to appear.
But is that all we want?
Success is a product of self-growth that comes with trying, doing, becoming and discovering.
Which means you have to start moving towards something. You have to take action.
Success is the the clarity, ingenuity, and self-growth that you experience, in the process of going after your dreams. This evolution equates true wealth.
All your failures are teachers.
Opening doors looking for your fortune, is what creates it.
This is where your soul grows.
It’s when you realize abundance is not just green paper.
You are asking for love, harmony, happiness, intuition, expansion, creativity, bliss…
This is true wealth.
Success is abundance in all forms.
You are worthy of all of it, including the money that so often follows happiness.
You just have to start moving towards it, by opening doors. 

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