The Ever Growing Thyroid Issue


It seems like I am hearing about thyroid issues in people more than ever…and it’s happening to younger and younger people. It got me to thinking. Is there something that has changed? Something that we are doing different to cause this increasing and very scary problem?

Americans are always looking for the next best thing, the shortcut. The healthier version, that’s been altered from the way nature intended. Be careful for health buzzwords like gluten free for instance.  That doesn’t mean it’s good for you and whole civilizations survived on natural food that came out of the ground with gluten in it. We take something that should be used in moderation and fall off the deep end. Put down the gluten free cookie, it’s not healthy either! OK I’ll blog about that one later.

So there are a lot of chemicals and household foods and items you can avoid to lower your exposure to potential thyroid problems in the future.

Allergies Anyone??

Allergies word cloud

With this inclement weather over (hopefully), we are looking at spring moving in pretty quickly. With all of the beautiful things that spring has to offer, there is one thing that many people do NOT look forward to….allergies. With all of those budding flowers and flourishing trees, comes the sneezing and the headaches and the stuffiness. Well, before you reach for that Claritin, try some natural allergy relief. 

Fat Joe, J Lo, Diddy, Lala, Jamie Foxx and More Attend Loren & J.R. Ridingers 2014 Market Americas World Conference


Fat Joe, French Montana, Jennifer Lopez, Loren Ridinger and Casper

I was fortunate enough this past weekend to be invited to attend a VIP party for Directors with MA including some celebrity guests. Fat JoeJennifer LopezDiddyLala AnthonyFrench Montana & more attended Loren & J.R. Ridinger’s 2014 Market America’s World Conference and after-party in Miami over this past weekend.  The invited guests included those who have reached Director status with my company, which means an individual business owner has earned $18,000 to $25,000 in four weeks.  It was an incredible experience, made new friends and was inducted into the Million Dollar Club for earning over $1,000,000 as an Unfranchise Owner.

jamie foxx and i

Jamie Foxx and Laura Laire

This year’s conference kicked off with Lala Anthony celebrating her New York Times Best Selling book, The Love Playbook: Rules for Love, Sex, and Happiness. Lala’s Motives for Lala cosmetics is housed under Loren Ridinger’s Motives Cosmetics.

The weekend festivities also included an afterparty at the home of Market America founders JR & Loren Ridinger (they also have a home in Manhattan). Jamie FoxxRamona Rizzo from Mob Wives, Daymond John from Fubu and Shark Tank, Lala’s brother and business partner Diego and J. Lo’s boyfriend Casper were also present.

Joseph Cartagena also known as Fat Joe was at the conference to launch his Market America UnFranchise. In a press release from Market America, the Bronx rapper said, “I feel like I’m definitely an entrepreneur first and foremost, and it’s time to take that to another level. I can now teach anyone, who is willing to grind it out, how to build the kind of lifestyle few ever get a chance to experience.”

We are very excited to have been Unfranchise Owners over the past 13 years and are more excited to have Fat Joe become part of the team.

Introducing the NEW “Paparazzo Collezione” for Spring!!!


The launch of Paparazzo Collezione was completed with a gorgeous runway show featuring the Instagram beauty sensations Motives Mavens! Decked with radiant metallic and unexpected pigments, inviting sheens and pumped-up lacquers, these picture-perfect looks promise a Spring/Summer 2014 of spirited shine.

New products for Paparazzo Collezione include 2 palettes, 4 lipsticks and 4 nail lacquers.