I’m a coach, speaker, writer and award winning entrepreneur who is dedicated to helping you discover the Art of You. My mission is to empower and inspire you to create a life you love full of joy and abundance.

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Born in the South near Charlotte, North Carolina, I was raised outdoors, making mud pies, jumping off the roof onto the trampoline and climbing trees. 

With one small income, we had no choice but to try and build up our 900 sq. ft home to be livable. We spent most of our childhood in construction with my dad, and we built our house from the dirt up while we lived in it. 

We had a garden for much of our food, which I hated working in at the time but enjoy now as an adult. When not working on the “farm” :), I helped make meals for our family of 6 which turned into a love of whole foods. 

Any spare time I had I was creating art, poems and chasing boys.

From a young age, I thrived in a creative environment. Whether it be writing, drawing, cooking or fashion, I have always been drawn to the arts. I will always be creative at heart.

With little money, we created fun out of nothing – like turning all the lights out and playing hide and go seek in the dark! As one of 4 children in a very small home, I learned to fight for what I wanted: to be heard, to eat (LOL) and eventually for anything I wanted in life. As I grew up, I had a strong desire for more – to make money, to be free to make choices and to be healthy and happy.  We had a tough childhood with a disabled sibling and financial challenges, but I am better for it and definitely not looking back in regret.

During college, I became an entrepreneur from home with an internet company. In the past sixteen years, I have traveled the world teaching and training professionals as a National Trainer, and eventually became Director of Field Development and Training Globally. During this time I built, managed and trained a large organization of men and women focused in the health and beauty industries.

fc5a1894From local events to speaking at ticketed business seminars all over the country, I have always enjoyed motivating and inspiring peak performance in a crowd. This has lead to yearly speaking engagements at international events with as many as 25,000 in attendance, including speaking and training in Australia, England and Canada. I love being able to connect with people from all over the globe and have made many friendships through all the travel. I have also learned a few languages and accents along the way. 🙂

As my business grew, so did my family. I met my husband Todd Laire in 2004 and fell madly in love. He is still my best friend 12 years later! We have a beautiful 6 year old daughter named Skylah and a 9 year old son, Tristan, who light up our lives and bring immense joy to anyone they meet. Our lives are full and busy with the growing needs of children, but I love my life just the way it is.

My search for growth and fulfillment led to blogging and creating videos about my interests as I continued to be a speaker, motivator and coach for personal and business clients. There is nothing I enjoy more than helping anyone to achieve a beautiful, healthy and abundant lifestyle.

Through my experience in the beauty and wellness industry, my love of whole foods, and through my own personal and spiritual self-discovery, the Art of You was born.

There is nothing you can’t be, do or have when you decide to Eat, Live and Be Well.

Love your life,


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