6 Steps to Start the New Year Right

6 steps to start the new year right

Happy New Year! Can you believe it?

Another new year just came and went! My kids are inches taller and I have more gray hair and wrinkles. 🙂

I am happy and grateful to be alive: to create, dream, make new friends, love more and learn. Through it all I get to joyously watch all this magnificence and hardship that I dream up, unfold right before my eyes.

Time can pass by so quickly if you are in your groove, or drag on for eternity if you are miserable. I don’t think any of us intentionally attract disaster, but we do…

There are a couple exercises I like to do at the end of one year moving into the next, to ensure I am following my bliss in the coming year and not just letting the Universe have it’s way with me. That’s what happens when I’m not paying attention to how much I’m complaining, so I keep attracting disaster.

You can do these exercises anytime, and you really should frequently, but it is especially effective at the end of the year and into a new one.

1. Reflect and Remember

Something I like to do at the end of the year is reflect without judgement. 

With a perspective of love, I remember who I met, who helped me grow and who I am grateful for in my life.

I remember what I achieved, not what I wish I had done.

I like to make a list of my top 10-15 accomplishments in the past year.

Your accomplishments can be ever so small to someone else, but incredibly satisfying to you.

On my list this year, I would add recording meditations (finally!), along with convincing my mother in law to move 3000 miles away from her home of 30 years because change really is all about perspective. But spending most of my free time with my kids is something I am sincerely proud of, as well as creating a life I don’t need a vacation from.

Accomplishing anything is usually done with the loving support of others around you. Whether it is a co-worker, family member or friend, it is well worth your time to acknowledge those people who have supported you.

2. Give Thanks

A handwritten personal note expressing gratitude can activate a powerful energetic field within yourself.

Awareness of appreciation for others, envelopes you with gratitude. I am so honored I got to see my mom and give her a meaningful hug and look in the eyes before she died without warning 3 days later. Her passing changed me, in a good way. I am also grateful for what could be a sad and overwhelming experience.

When you are feeling grateful, you are sure to start the new year with a whole lot more to be grateful for. The way you feel is an indication of what is to come, so marinate as long as you can in that feeling of appreciation.

Feeling regret, because you wish you had accomplished more or at least tried, is not serving your greater good or feeding your spirit.

A simple gesture of thanks not only fills your heart, but I’m pretty sure you will always be surrounded by supportive people who genuinely want to help a loving and appreciative person.

3. Create a Plan

“People don’t plan to fail, they simply fail to plan.” What exactly do you want to create, experience, or become this year?

This is the time to write down your goals and make a plan on how to achieve them.

I like to pick a big one and list out 30 ways I could make that happen. That way if one way doesn’t work, there is no chance I’m giving up, because I still have 29 more possibilities for achievement.

It doesn’t matter if you actually believe you can make it happen. Your job is to move towards your goals by simply writing it down first. The way will be shown to you because you first made a decision.

4. Have Vision

Having vision is not just important, it is critical to personal growth.

If you don’t have a clear vision of what you want in your life, how will you know if you are on the right path? Without clear goals, you are just drifting and you might let the right opportunity slip by without knowing.

When you know what you want in your life, the right people, things and circumstances will fall into place for you because you made a choice. You must choose. Asking everyone around you what you should do is not going to help you. You have to let your inner voice and your emotions be your guide.

This is the fun part. What can you dream up? What does your perfect life look like? What would a perfect day be for you? Listen to my free audio to get more clarity on your goals.

5. Visualize What You Want

  1. Go somewhere quiet and private so you won’t be disturbed.
  2. Close your eyes, begin to focus on your breathing – in through the nose and out the nose.
  3. As you begin to get grounded and relax, think of your goal, circumstance or feeling you want to attract.
  4. Take several deep breaths and think about how it would make you feel having it now.
  5. Visualize what you want, the environment, the person, the situation or a feeling you desire in your mind.
  6. Add as much detail as you can, emotion, feeling, and your senses to your vision.
  7. Practice it at least twice a day for about 10-15 minutes each time.
  8. Persistence is the key to attracting any vision you can come up with.
  9. Maintain positive thoughts and a good attitude throughout the day.

6. Surrender and Allow

If you have any negative feelings towards your goal, forget about it for a while by writing it on a piece of paper and hiding it somewhere. You cannot allow yourself to be focused on the lack of what you want because you’ll be sure to get exactly that. This is where trust comes in. You cannot allow money to flow to you if you feel broke and are worried about the “how.”

You have to have faith and believe that once you have asked, the Universe, God or Spirit conspires to make it happen. There is only a stream of well being, and there is nothing you cannot dream up that you cannot become. It is only for you to figure out what and then allow the way to flow to you.

You can create wealth in business, relationships and health. You just have to choose it.

Make this year, the best one yet. Get your free audio to help you navigate the possibilities.

Here’s to starting with a bang,









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